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I got my library card!

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Well, this post makes it official. I always hated blogs because people post the stupidest most inane shit that no one could care about and here I am posting about getting my library card.

I have hit a new low. :(

But fuck that libraries fucking ROCK! I have had a library card almost everywhere that I ever lived! For some reason, since I moved to Orlando, I just didn't get around to getting one. I thought about it and realized that these days, whenever I need a book, I just buy it. Fuck that...I already pay taxes and those taxes fund the library so why wouldn't I take advantage of it?

I always loved the library, even as a kid, but it was when I graduated high school and started college that I really started to live in the library. I mean that almost literally. When I was just out of high school and starting college, I spent a lot of time in the library on campus. It was awesome because they pretty much knew that it was just for students on campus and that students were famous for falling asleep in the library so there were several comfortable couches and chairs all over. I found a nice quiet corner in a remote part of the top floor and took a nice stack of books and just went up there to a nice little couch and read until I fell asleep. It was a great way to kill time between classes and catch a few winks. I had my handy-dandy datalink watch (model 150)to wake me up in time for class, so I was straight. I could have lived there (cafeteria was nearby).

But that library was fairly small and mostly contained textbooks. I had read most of the computer related ones that I was interested in and ran out of things to read. Luckily, the public library was only 4 or 5 blocks away. I would walk down to the local library, which was HUGE in comparison, and they had magazines and public computers to use, and just tons of stuff to stay interested. I would go to classes all day and then go to the library until well after dark.

Eventually, I got used to being a regular at that library and started exploring other parts of downtown Louisville KY. I found that if you wear a Doctors lab coat (which I conveniently had ;) ) then you were allowed to freely roam throughout many of the numerous hospitals that were in downtown Louisville. Now, I didn't do anything crazy or dangerous. I just wanted to do some exploring. Cafeterias in hospitals have the best food ever! then, I stumbled upon a University of Louisville medical Library inside of their practicing hospital downtown. Man, there was all kinds of crazy shit in there! Lot so of medical journals and a huge number of medical reference books. This was not really my cup of tea, but it was pretty awesome to know that it existed for the medical students and I did, on occasion, look up a few things that I was curious about. I became an expert on female genitalia, if I do say so myself. ;)

Unfortunately, that is when the real world set in for me. I was maybe 19 or 20 or so and my family was not rich. It came to a point where I had to get a couple of extra jobs to be able to pay for my college tuition and books. This pretty much took all of my free time (and most of my sleeping time). I began working 5 jobs and taking a double load of classes and my love affair with the library came to an abrupt end. Looking back, maybe I should have apologized to the library for abandoning it, but I digress.

How was that for too much information? So yeah, this library is nowhere near as exciting, but I am hopeful that it will re-spark my interest in reading again. I haven't read any fiction or read for any entertainment purposes for along time. I am hoping to find more time to do this instead of just reading technical manuals. So yeah, this was a blog post about me getting my library card...but hopefully I put a little "Stank" on the story so that it is not as lame as it sounds. ;)

If I ever post about what I have for breakfast...kill me. :blink:

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I was the same way for the longest time...if I liked a book I would buy it. Then i realized how much I read, naturally slanted towards technology and culture...hacker stuff...and how MUCH it was costing me. Tech books, especially the good hardcore stuff, are freakin expensive. When was the last time you saw a new release Unix programming book 40% off like other genres? If I do buy stuff now I usually wait until I receive coupons thorugh some membership program like the Borders program or make sure my Barnes & Nobles membership is up to date.

I also had the same experience moving around. First place I would establish a "beachhead" was at the best local library available, even if I needed to bus or drive. Libraries in the "better" neighborhoods were always outstanding with pleasant reading rooms which included many technical journals for engineering, CompSci, etc. and had breathtaking internet access speeds. On my laptop I would, on wireless, consistently get 500K or better even when the library was packed! In the less pleasant communities it felt basically like a homeless shelter and the staff was generally demoralized with crapy internet. So I guess your local library can be either hell or heaven if done right- financed and properly staffed. This whole dynamic lead me to Starbucks of all places too. I was once a hater of Starbucks but then I found they usually satisfied my needs the same way that the library did...weird.

You mentioned some of your college experiences. I graduated from an East Coast (Jersey) college and even though I'm out West in the Bay Area I still have crazy library benefits online since I'm an alumni of a college in a state I never even claimed residency. The NJ library system has an extensive online library. I'm also finishing up a degree out here and when I graduate I'll have lifetime unlimited access to virtually every college library in CA plus more...I haven't researched that part yet. What I'm getting at is that a lot of colleges have agreements with other colleges and organizations which include library rights. It is done under the assumption that alumi, students, etc. can use each others research repository to enhance everyone's learning and research. So if you haven't already, it might be worth seeing what perks, other than increased lifetime earnings and personal fulfillment, that you degrees have conferred upon you. I bet you have some crazy library privileges you don't know about.

Also, are you a member of ACM? or any other IT professional organization? They usually have tons of books online too. I guess the hard part about the online stuff is reading from a monitor...but then again if it is that important portable electronic readers are beginning to take off.


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The only problem with libraries such as those you mentioned is their governmental/publicly funded nature. I love and have always loved to patronize libraries as much as you did and do, but it often weighs upon my conscience a bit as I am essentially patronizing an institution built and paid for with stolen money, with pilfered funds.

--The Philosopher


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The only problem with libraries such as those you mentioned is their governmental/publicly funded nature. I love and have always loved to patronize libraries as much as you did and do, but it often weighs upon my conscience a bit as I am essentially patronizing an institution built and paid for with stolen money, with pilfered funds.

--The Philosopher

I'm not sure what you mean. can you clarify "stolen money, with pilfered funds"?


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