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The Colony: My new favorite show

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So I have been watching this new pseudo-reality show on Discovery channel called "The Colony". I say pseudo-reality, because it is really more of a simulation of what reality might be like in a post disaster environment. They also chose people who clearly would have the skills necessary to survive. These are no everyday dramatards that you find on "the real world" or other reality shows (although there is some drama on occasion). They chose people with specific skillsets that they knew would actually be able to do the interesting things that would be necessary to survive. They chose 1 doctor and a nurse as part of the casts, surrounded them with several mechanics and engineers and some handymen and carpenters. This gives them the skills and knowledge necessary to do things that are needed to survive.

Here is an example: The are dropped off in an abandoned area outside of Los Angeles, CA where there are no other people with whom to interact (other than an occasion plant by the show to test them somehow). But the area that they were guided to was a giant warehouse that just coincidentally happened to have a lot of handy items in it like some canned food to get started, some gasoline and other types of fuel, and a large array of car batteries which is a great start for generating and storing power. I think this is pretty freaking awesome! As a person interested in survival anyway, I find this show intriguing because it shows not the hardcore "eat anything that moves" survival aspect of life, but a more realistic "use what you have laying around" type of survival. This plays very well to my hacker core.

One of my favorite characters is John who is a computer engineer. So the first thing to point out is that there is no power, no Internet, no computer anywhere around in this situation. But let me tell you, this guy is a freaking GENIUS! He is a geek MacGyver! He may be a computer scientist by title, but this guy knows more science than most science teachers that I have had. Not to mention the fact that he is a very gentle and caring human being. He is a bit of an old hippie, but that may be my end form in life. When it is all said and done and I am in my twilight years (if I am not already in them) that might be the same way that people describe me. This guy is one of the best parts of the show.

Another person that I like is Mike who is portrayed as the general handyman of the group with bonus knowledge of solar energy (how convenient that there were solar panels on a nearby building) which is apparently what he does for a living. He is a great example of someone who just works hard to get things done. He knows what he can do and just does it and if he doesn't know it, he figures it out. He proves that you don't need a PhD to be smart and accomplish a lot of things. There is another character on the show who is supposedly a rocket scientist (Aerospace engineer to be exact) named Morgan who is worthless. She has done nothing the entire show except get an old record player working to play music. She tried to help on other project but showed her ineffectiveness compared to o0thers like Vlad and John. Mike can be a bit of a dick sometimes, but I would gladly have him on my team anytime.

I highly recommend that you check this show out. I really think that it is must see for hackers of all kinds as well as anyone with an interest in survival. I definitely learned a lot of things so far on the show that I had never heard of before. I think you will as well.

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I've seen a few episodes of the show so far, and I really like it. You are right about it not being true reality, but most reality shows suck balls. This one is much better. John is definately the coolest. I think he is a computer engineer because he's an intelligent guy, not the other way around.


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I saw a commercial for that, and it looked interesting. I like the post-apocalyptic, civilization gone, scavenging survival kind of thing. I read The Postman, I've seen most the movies, etc. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this, even if it is contrived reality show bullshit. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the genre :P


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I subscribed to the show on iTunes when I saw the preview and jones for the next episode every week. The one thing that really hit me when watching this was, How useful am I as a unix systems admin in a post apocalyptic world. It made me realize that I need to spend more time hacking together some weekend projects that use my electronics background as well.

Mike is definitely abrasive, and can be a dick for sure, but I wouldn't trade him or The Professor (Johns nickname) for anyone one else on that show. The first episode totally hooked me when Mike builds out a powergrid for the colony and then hacks together a generator out of a pressure washer and an alternator.

Im so glad other people see that Morgan is a useless POS. "I'm a rocket scientist. I built a record player." I wish they could kick people out. Like Mike should just say, "You don't contribute anything except wall drawings and you eat all of our food. Time to find your own way!"

Awesome show! Everyone should watch it. Its one of the best hacking shows on TV.


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hmm i saw a bunch of episodes on the sci(science channel) when they had a marathon for season finale, its not realy "reality" but being the dialog wasnt garbage like in lost, and was pretty realistic, idk maybe i wasnt paying attention but i dont remember seeing lots of credits of screen writers. it was interesting sure but not really a "expiriment."


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