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Four Reasons Not To Upgrade Your Screenwriting Software

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Hi, niche market of hackers who also work in the video and/or film industry! This blog post is for you. I got an email from a big trendy "writer's store" in L.A. containing three reasons why I should upgrade to <proprietary screenwriting software> v.8Well, I thought I'd one-up them and post four reasons not to upgrade:1. CeltxMozilla codebase, incredibly powerful screenwriting software. Free. Tried and true; it's approved by me because -- yes, I actually have used it in a production environment.And the other three reasons are just cheap rebuttals of the reasons the email gave that I should upgrade to <proprietary screenwriting software> v.8: Scene View - Outline your ideas and re-order scenes in this high level overview!!Scene Navigator - Track important details with a sortable floating palette!!!Scene Properties Inspector (SPI) - Add scene titles and colors to organize the elements of your script!!!!To these I say that Celtx either already has it, or else it's just not worth gaining a gimmicky sometimes-useful-sometimes-useless feature in exchange for your freedom-of-data.There, four reasons to use the free alternative. Enjoy.

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