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small community

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Here's the thing. Right now the Linux community is / feels small. You subscribe to a few blog planet feeds, you use the usual software and glance at who is maintaining it, you subscribe to your local LUG and LoCo email lists, you troll IRC a bit,you listen to a few (or more than a few) podcasts, you attend an expo or confernece... and pretty soon you start actually getting to know people. At first you just recognize the name. Then you make a few comments on their blog, maybe find them on facebook, and eventually meet them at a conference, and you can justifiably call them a friend or at least a solid acquaintance.And that's nice; I like it. It's kind of cozy.The other side of the coin is the proverbial "we need/want more developers to code more/better apps" and "we want more support from big companies so we can go out and buy a wifi card or a webcam without fearing driver issues" and so on.So, can we just have our cake and eat it, too?

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