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apple, honey? time to wake up...

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I know Apple has had its head under the covers for 20 years now, but I frankly feel like it might be time for them to admit that there are other operating systems out there aside from itself and Microsoft. And believe me, I know this is a lot to ask. Imagine whatever kind of unholy matrimony you want to, and picture Apple and Microsoft together, in an illicit affair that's lasted for decades. I know that publicly they are diametrically opposed to one another, but really? Microsoft loves Apple; they take care of that elusive and fickle hipster audience that Microsoft just can't seem to wrap their mind around. And Apple needs Microsoft because anyone who claims that Mac OS is "enterprise ready" (I learned that buzzword on the interwebs) is fooling themselves; I mean, even Apple doesn't lay claim to that.But anyway, Apple is supposedly the end-all and be-all of healthy Open Source development (if you listen to them talk about it). And yet their OS does not have any real support for an open source file system! I know what you're thinking, you're thinking, but Leopard has ZFS support. No it doesn't, brainiac, it will kind of read from ZFS if you know the proper incantations. There is a sourceforge project that brings SOME ext2 support to Mac but again, the support is a bit frail at times, and not very robust, and obviously has no Journaling support.But give me a break, will you? Apple is always touting their brilliant Unix foundation, and yet if I'm running a BSD (just to keep it in the same unix family) box at home and bring a thumbdrive -- that I can read and write to at home -- to work, it's useless to me. Apple just isn't going to read it. And even if it is one of the filesystems that can have support, there are quite often a few hoops to jump through to get it to work. And if I have to distribute a file from that thumbdrive onto a number of boxes at work, then I'd have to hack them all to accept that file system. Stupidity!You're telling me Apple can't throw in support for at least one or two major filesystems? Or am I really forced to use MS-DOS FATxx for all my drives that I wish to take from work to home? Thanks again, Microsoft, for saving the day. It's good to know that Apple is helping spread and perpetuate your evil no-files-larger-than-3.99-gigabytes filesystem. (Yeah, that just bit me too; tried copying a 10gb truecrypt volume to the FAT32 drive and kept getting errors until I finally recalled that FAT32 can't do files > 4gb. Opps.)ps - total side note here.......but can someone forward this entry to those morons at Ohio Linux Fest who were wearing the BIG Apple logos on their shirts, proclaiming that Apple was a fellow soldier in the fight against Microsoft's stupidity? Apple <3s Microsoft. REALLY!!!

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