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In episode 2x14 of The Bad Apples Linux Cast, I talked about all manners of portable operating systems, including web-based, shell accounts, and usb drive OS's. One of the web-based systems was eyeOS (eyeos.info for demo) and I remember being impressed and intrigued but a little underwhelmed by performance.Enter threethirty, a fellow host of Linux Cranks and an all-around adventurous guy. One weekend he decides to learn how to set up a server, and then all week long he's loading up all kinds of insanely cool web services for everyone to fool around with. He put opengoo (online office suite) on his server, and then eyeOS.eyeOS ran much faster than I'd ever experienced it. I was very impressed with it.But I don't feel like writing a review of it because I've already talked about it in episode 2x14 and it's all pretty much the same, only better.What was interesting, however, was when we started messing around with themes; there was a Gnome theme that you apply to your eyeOS desktop, and strangely when I first logged back in to see the new theme I saw a Suse logo on the desktop. I blink, and it's gone, replaced by an eyeOS logo. I thought I'd imagined it but then monsterb saw it. We took screenshots. The Suse logo definitely disappears within a few seconds. I am wondering if eyeOS is running Suse, or if they just took the desktop art from Suse 10.3 and it happened to have the Suse logo on it. I tend to think the former, because the Suse logo is RIGHT where the eyeOS button is, and it seems like a strange coincidence that a logo they needed to cover just so happened to be right where their eyeOS logo is in ALL themes.Anyway, here's a screenshot.eyeOsSuse.png

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