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the worst interface design ever?

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OK OK Apple is often known for its glitzy interface design. Yay. I think it's over-the-top and annoying, but some people lick it.Is it intuitive? Well, it's intuitive now because the whole "your computer as a desktop" paradigm has pretty much permeated computing society, such that, for instance, when we see the icon of a folder, we understand that our little document icons are supposed to go into. Get it? The documents are kinda like Paper and the folder icon is like a Dossier, and so one goes "inside" of another. And you set it down on your "Desk". Yes, it mirrors the real world. Incredible....ly inaccurate.What about a paradigm more accurately reflecting what's going on in that there computer? Do away with the trash can and establish an icon or button that will reallocate the space previously occupied by a file as "empty space"....and yet the file still exists until it is ACTUALLY overwritten with real data. How about representing files in relation to one another? such that a file that was created in vim or kate or kwrite is a direct associate of vim or kate or kwrite....whilst a file that could be opened in vim or kate or kwrite could be farther removed "cousins" of these applications... and to locate a file in your GUI, one of the ways you could actually find it is by selecting the application you wish to actually use. So if I knew that I'd created a text document in vim, but now want to open it in Open Office and do some fancy formatting, I could select Open Office as my destination app, and I could see the documents that were created in it, and then the documents taht could be opened in it. And so on. New paradigms. it'll blow your mind!

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