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GIMP 2.6

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I tried compiling GIMP 2.6 from source a few nights ago...that didn't happen. But I installed Paldo Linux in a VM mainly just to try out v2.6 and -- wow! As I have posted previously, there are/were some really important features that GIMP needs before it can really be a "drop-in replacement" for the bloated and over-expensive alternatives.

One of the big improvements in v2.6 was the text tool. It has vastly improved. Bounding box, automatic re-wrapping, lots of cool stuff. There is also an overall polish to the entire program -- and the coolest thing is, it's not one of those polishes just for the sake of looking different (Adobe, Apple, I am speaking to youse guys) but they're improvements to make the user experience smoother and more pleasant. And it is. I was very impressed.

This is why I love Free Software. You can really see it developing toward real quality, and no toward bloat or meaningless glitz. Now if only they would switch to Qt4.....

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