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Red Boxing

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#21 Bizurke


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Posted 22 June 2004 - 12:29 PM

your better off just getting an op to make the call for you like dude said.

Here's a simple way I've been using for about 4 years.

Call 1-800-COLLECT

Say your (name) from MCI and you need them to help you out. Ask what their Agent or login number is, then ask what's in their 'notepad field' then tell them you need them to put through a test call to a number in the (area code u want to call) NPA and then give them the number. You can even have them wait on hold till you d/c and make another one for you if you wish, but I'd suggest not.

#22 av1d


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Posted 22 June 2004 - 05:34 PM

Argh. Red boxing dosen't work. You need to have either an ancient payphone, or an unbelievably retarded operator. And even then, you can only get local calls! And you don't even need a box! Just tell the op that you put the money in but the buttons are broken. If he/she is that dumb, she'll put you through.

Thats bullshit, it works plenty of places. Don't believe everything you read.

#23 system sacrifice

system sacrifice


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Posted 23 June 2004 - 12:34 AM

(Bizurke @ Jun 22 2004, 11:23 PM)
No you don't! and you don't use your mp3 player either!

actually yeh i do use my mp3 player, you got a fuckin problem with that?

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#24 PseudoKroW


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Posted 23 June 2004 - 05:49 PM

I have one CD I burned that has my red box tones, white box, blue box, green box, what have you all burned on it. since it's an mp3 disc, and my cd player has a little LCD that shows the folder and track names, I named some folders with ANAC numbers and such and just put blank mp3s in them so they'd show up on the player.

ph33r my 5-in-1 phreaking tool.

I also have a sweep tone and quarter tone on my MP3 player that I always have on me.

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#25 system sacrifice

system sacrifice


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Posted 23 June 2004 - 07:40 PM

i just have a folder in my mp3 player for just red box tones and the LCD displays track titles ofcoarse
its also a portable hard drive

#26 Random_Cola


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Posted 24 June 2004 - 04:04 PM

At my collage, When money is inserted you get a tone quite similar to 2600. but not quite. I have found that after hooking up to the phone, and recording the tone on my laptop. (to maintain the quality) and then playing it directly back in. Does absolutley nothing. So! to pursue this matter. I tried some of the 2600 tones...still nothing. So. It would seem that redboxing would work. but it doesn't....as for that recording....very nice. finding one of those phones is hard...so..just buy a linemans handset..or find one...and just use that...much easier...not as cool..but eaiser.

Oh dear. I've gone cross eyed.

#27 natas


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Posted 24 June 2004 - 04:28 PM

lol. redboxing has nothing to do with 2600 hertz tones. and the payphone you were trying it on was prolly a COCOT and you cant redbox cocots to begin with because they dont use ACTS.

#28 WhiteSword


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Posted 24 June 2004 - 05:19 PM

OK for WhiteSword TV E4 im going to do some redboxing so you all can see that it works

#29 av1d


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Posted 24 June 2004 - 08:34 PM

Maybe you should have someone else do it on camera, since it isn't exactly legal.

#30 counterspell


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Posted 25 June 2004 - 08:04 AM

Okay, I stand corrected there are places where red boxing works. However, I am pretty sure most payphones do not accept coins for long-distance calls, making red boxing only effective for local calls. I THINK. I could be wrong, tell me if I am I would be curious. All I know is that this is how the phones in my area are.

#31 Strom Carlson

Strom Carlson


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Posted 25 June 2004 - 09:17 AM

It boils down to things called LATAs (Local Access Transport Areas) - regions defined during the 1984 Bell System divestiture within which onlya local operating company was allowed to carry traffic and between which only an interexchange carrier was allowed to carry traffic (although these divisions are becoming more and more irrelevant as time goes on). Since AT&T pulled out of the coin-paid long distance market, only local toll calls have been allowed to go through on pure ACTS systems; these local toll calls, not surprisingly, happen entirely within your LATA.

Here is more information about LATAs than you were expecting, I'm sure. but interesting reading none the less:


LATA Names and Service Regions by LATA Number:

Within "Bell" LATA's, there can be and are independent telco central offices
and even independent telco operator/toll/tandem switches and regions.
(there are 164 total "Bell" Latas)

Within an "independent" LATA, there can be and some do have central offices
of other (usually smaller) independents.

LATA's can and most do cross state/NPA lines--
sometimes in rather large chunks;
sometimes just 'zigzagging' about a state/NPA boundary.

There are even cross-state situations where one LATA contains central
offices of an adjacent state served by a *different* Regional Bell Company

(i.e. Some Bell South LATA's can extend into portions of TX and AR,
and include central offices of Southwestern Bell as well as some
small local independent telcos-
Likewise, some Southwestern Bell LATA's can extend into portions of
LA, TN, and include central offices of Bell South as well as
some small local independent telcos)

Also, there are some individual LATA's which are geographically
discontiguous, split into two parts by another LATA.

LATA's are grouped by Regional Bell company as follows:

2NX Bell Atlantic
3NX Ameritech
4NX Bell South
5NX Southwestern Bell
6NX US West
7NX Pacific Telesis

8NX "offshore" and "international"
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virign Islands;
also includes 'pseudo' LATA's for Canada, other Caribbean, etc)

9NX "independents" -- LATA's and Lata-like regions of:
Cincinnati Bell, Southern New England (Bell),
large "independent" telco regions

This listing represents the Bell, "offshore" and "independent" LATA's
of the US (including AK, HI, PR, USVI, etc) as finalized around 1984/85.
There were some modifications made to the "initial" LATA scheme as
submitted in 1982/83.

Originally, there were to be only 161 "Bell" LATA's. After further
negotiations betweem AT&T and DOJ/Greene, there were changes to some of
LATA boundary lines origianally drawn up. In the complete list, most "Bell"
LATA's are identified by consecutive even numbers. But there are some
"skipped" even numbers, as well as some "odd" numbers for the LATA code.
The following summarizes which even numbers were skipped and which odd
number codes were probably added:

(start off with 161 "Bell" LATA's)

Delete the following four:
#372 (part of IL - east St.Louis area?)
#622 (part of MN - Brainerd MN?)
#642 (part of SD? NE?)
#662 (part of UT? NM?)

Add the following seven:
#133 Poughkeepsie NY
#325 Akron OH
#477 Huntsville AL
#521 Westphalia MO (was to be LATA #959 Jefferson City & Columbia MO)
#570 Hearne TX (was to be an indep.LATA 9NX Bryan TX)
#635 Cedar Rapids IA
#721 Pahrump NV (was to be an indep.LATA 9NX Las Vegas NV)

(end up with 164 "Bell" LATA's)

There were also to have been some other "independent" LATA's using "9NX"
codes such as:

(9NX) Ashland KY (GTE) -absorbed into existing #466 Winchester KY
#955 Dothan AL (GTE) -absorbed into existing #478 Montgomery AL
#959 Jefferson City MO (United) & Columbia MO (GTE)
-transformed into NEW #521 Westphalia MO
(9NX) Bryan TX (GTE) -transformed into NEW #570 Hearne TX
(9NX) Las Vegas NV (Centel) -tranformed into NEW #721 Pahrump NV

Some of the above "deleted" independent LATA's had their boundaries redrawn to
become a "Bell" LATA, by adding some Bell central offices of an adjacent
"initial/existing" Bell LATA. Others were just completely absorbed into an
intial/existing adjacent "Bell" LATA.

There were also some additional "independent" LATA's added in 1984/85.

1NX - NYNEX (12 total)

120 Maine
122 New Hampshire
124 Vermont
126 western MA
128 eastern MA
130 Rhode Island
132 New York City METRO
(also includes the exchanges of the towns in southwestern
CT handled by NYNEX- Byram and Greenwich, but not SNET's
'Old Greenwich' exchange; also includes Long Island and
portions of counties just north of Bronx NYCity)
133 Poughkeepsie NY (*added to ‘original' 1982/83 scheme*)
134 Albany NY
136 Syracuse NY
138 Binghampton NY
140 Buffalo NY

2NX - Bell Atlantic (19 total)

220 Atlantic Coastal area (NJ)
222 Delaware Valley area (NJ)
224 northern NJ area
226 Capital PA
228 Philadelphia PA (includes entire state of Delaware)
230 Altoona PA
232 northeastern PA
234 Pittsburgh PA
236 Washington DC METRO (includes MD and VA suburbs)
238 Baltimore MD
240 Hagerstown MD
242 Salisbury MD
244 Roanoke VA (discontiguous LATA; split by LATA #932)
246 Culpepper VA
248 Richmond VA
250 Lynchburg VA
252 Norfolk VA
254 Charleston WV
256 Clarksburg WV

3NX - Ameritech (29 total)

320 Cleveland OH
322 Youngstown OH
324 Columbus OH
325 Akron OH (*added to ‘original' 1982/83 sheme*)
326 Toledo OH
328 Dayton OH
330 Evansville IN
332 South Bend IN
334 Auburn-Huntington IN
336 Indianapolis IN
338 Bloomington IN
340 Detroit MI
342 upper peninsula MI (incl. part of northwest WI)
344 Saginaw MI
346 Lansing MI
348 Grand Rapids MI
350 northeastern WI
352 northwestern WI
354 southwestern WI
356 southeastern WI
358 Chicago IL METRO (includes some WI and IN suburbs)
360 Rockford IL
362 Cairo IL
364 Sterling IL
366 Forrest IL
368 Peoria IL
370 Champaign IL
(skipped 372, was to be IL east of St.Louis???, now part of #520)
374 Springfield IL
376 Quincy IL

4NX - Bell South (38 total)

(note within Florida, there are *also* "sub-LATA zones" as per
state regulatory stipulations. They are known as "Equal Access
Exchange Areas", EAEA's; this *also* happens in "independent"
areas in Florida using '9NX' LATA codes)

420 Asheville NC
422 Charlotte NC
424 Greensboro NC
426 Raleigh NC
428 Wilmington NC
430 Greenville SC
432 Florence SC
434 Columbia SC
436 Charleston SC
438 Atlanta GA
440 Savannah GA
442 Augusta GA
444 Albany GA
446 Macon GA
448 Pensacola FL
(448-13 WA-EA; 448-14 CR-EA; 448-15 FW-EA)
450 Panama City FL
(450-09 PC-EA; 450-10 SJ-EA; 450-11 QC-EA; 450-12 MR-EA)
452 Jacksonville FL
(452-04 CL-EA; 452-05 LO-EA)
454 Gainesville FL
(454-02 NW-EA; 454-03 OL-EA)
456 Daytona Beach FL
(456-01 PO-EA)
458 Orlando FL
(458-06 OR-EA; 458-07 LB-EA; 458-08 WI-EA)
460 southeastern FL
(460-17 GG-EA; 460-18 GR-EA)
462 Louisville KY
464 Owensboro KY
466 Winchester KY (includes GTE- Ashland KY, was to be own LATA)
468 Memphis TN
470 Nashville TN
472 Chattanooga TN
474 Knoxville TN
476 Birmingham AL
477 Huntsville AL (*added to ‘original' 1982/83 scheme*)
478 Montgomery AL (includes GTE- Dothan AL, was to be own LATA 955)
480 Mobile AL
482 Jackson MS
(Incl.part of LA across the Miss.River from Natchez MS)
484 Biloxi/Gulfcoast area MS
486 Shreveport LA
488 Lafayette LA
490 New Orleans LA
492 Baton Rouge LA

5NX - Southwestern Bell (27 total)

520 St.Louis MO
(also includes a rather sizeable portion of central IL
Ameritech and independent central offices)
521 Westphalia MO (includes
United- Jefferson City MO and GTE- Columbia MO, was to be
its own LATA 959)
(*LATA 521 was added to original 1982/83 scheme*)
522 Springfield MO
524 Kansas City MO/KS area (northwest MO, eastern KS)
526 Ft.Smith AR
528 Little Rock AR
530 Pine Bluff AR
532 Witchita KS
534 Topeka KS
536 Oklahoma City OK
538 Tulsa OK
540 El Paso TX
542 Midland TX
544 Lubbock TX
546 Amarillo TX
548 Witchita Falls TX
550 Abilene TX
552 Dallas TX
554 Longview TX
556 Waco TX
558 Austin TX
560 Houston TX
562 Beaumont TX
564 Corpus Christi TX
566 San Antonio TX
568 Brownsville TX
570 Hearne TX
(incl. GTE- Bryan TX, was to be its own LATA)
(*LATA 570 was added to original 1982/83 scheme*)

6NX - US West (27 total)

620 Rochester MN
(skipped 622, was to be Brainerd MN???, now part of #636)
624 Duluth MN
626 St.Cloud MN
628 Minneapolis-St.Paul MN
630 Sioux City IA
632 Des Moines IA
634 Davenport IA (incl. some of northwest IL indep/Ameritech)
635 Cedar Rapids IA (*added to ‘original' 1982/83 scheme*)
636 Brainerd MN / Fargo ND (northwestern MN and eastern ND)
638 Bismark ND
640 South Dakota
(skipped 642, was to be somewhere in SD??? NE???)
644 Omaha NE (incl. part of southwestern IA)
646 Grand Island NE
648 Great Falls MT
650 Billings MT
652 Idaho (southern)
654 Wyoming
656 Denver CO
658 Colorado Springs CO
660 Utah
(skipped 662 southeast UT? northwest NM? now part of Navajo's #980/981?)
664 New Mexico
666 Phoenix AZ
668 Tucson AZ
670 Eugene OR
672 Portland OR (incl.part of southwestern WA)
674 Seattle WA
676 Spokane WA (includes part of central Idaho)

7NX - Pacific Telesis (12 total)

720 Reno NV
721 Pahrump NV
(southern NV, including Sprint's Centel Las Vegas, was to be own LATA)
(*LATA 721 was added to original 1982/83 scheme*)
722 San Francisco CA
724 Chico CA
726 Sacramento CA
728 Fresno CA
730 Los Angeles CA (extends into ‘independent' southwestern AZ)
732 San Diego CA
734 Bakersfield CA
736 Monterey CA
738 Stockton CA
740 San Luis Obispo CA

8NX - "offshore & international"

820 Puerto Rico (ITT)
822 US Virgin Islands (ITT)
824 Bahamas (pseudo-LATA) (C&W)
826 Jamaica (pseudo-LATA) (C&W)
828 Dominican Republic (pseudo-LATA) (GTE/ITT)
830 "other Caribbean islands" (pseudo-LATA) (C&W)
(Trinidad & Tobago, Bermuda, Cayman Is, Turks & Caicos Is,
British West Indies from British Virgin Is to Grenada
including Barbados)
832 Alaska (AT&T Alascom)
834 Hawaii (GTE)
836 Midway-Wake (also CNMI-Guam-Am.Samoa?) (GTE/RCA)
838 Mexico (pseudo-LATA) (Telemex/ITT)
840 "international/overseas" (pseudo-LATA)

Canadian "pseudo" LATA's

850 Bell Canada- Quebec
(BCE- Bell Canada Enterprises;
this "LATA" also includes many of BCE-Telebec's local and toll
switches, particularly in central/western PQ and the Iles-de-la-
Madeline area in the Gulf of St.Lawrence, also Schefferville PQ
on the PQ/NF(LB) border; also in this "LATA" are local central
offices of a number of small indep.telcos in Quebec which home
on a Bell Canada toll/tandem switch)
851 Bell Canada- Ontario
(BCE- Bell Canada Enterprises; this "LATA" also includes:
the ON Govt/Railways owned Ontario Northland Telecommunications
local and toll office switches (which BCE-Northern Tel homes on)
and BCE-Northern Telephone's local central offices, as well as
the local central offices of a number of small independent telcos
in Ontario which home on a Bell Canada toll/tandem switch,
in particular: Thunder Bay Telecommunications and

881 Edmonton AB (EdTel, now part of "Telus" Corp)
882 Prince Rupert City BC (municipally owned "independent")

883 GTE's Quebec Telephone
(discontiguous- separated into two parts of Quebec, eastern and
southern by some of Bell Canada's territory;
this "LATA" also includes a number of small independent telcos in
Quebec which home on a GTE-Quebec toll switch, in particular:
Sogetel with about a dozen local offices in the southern PQ part
of this "LATA"; BCE-Telebec's Fermont PQ local exchange on the
PQ/NF(LB) border is in the eastern PQ part of this "LATA")
884 Alberta (except Edmonton) (AGT is part of "Telus" Corp)
885 Newfoundland (NewTel is partially owned by BCE)
886 GTE's British Columbia Telephone Co.
887 Prince Edward Island (Island Telephone, owned by MT&T of NS)
888 Manitoba (MTS)
889 Nova Scotia (MT&T- Maritime Tel & Tel, partially owned by BCE)
890 New Brunswick (NBTel is partially owned by BCE)
891 Saskatchewan (Saskatel)
892 "Northwestel" (owned by BCE)
(northern BC, YT, NWT-incl.old Bell Canada in eastern/Arctic NWT)

9NX - "independent" LATA's (continental US)

920 Connecticut (SNET)
(two NYNEX exchanges in southwestern CT- Byram and Greenwich are
NOT in this LATA- they are in NY City Metro, #132 but SNET's
'Old Greenwich' IS in this LATA; also a local independent,
Woodbury (CT) Tel is in this LATA)
921 Fishers Island NY (Fishers Is Telephone Co)
922 Cincinnati OH METRO (Cincinnati Bell Telephone)
(includes suburbs in OH, KY, IN; some nearby small independents
are also in this LATA)
923 Lima-Mansfield OH (SPRINT-United)
(discontiguous- separated into two sgmnts by LATA #324 Columbus OH,
into Mansfield area in central OH and Lima area in western OH)
924 Erie PA (GTE)
927 Harrisonburg VA (GTE-Contel)
928 Charlottesville VA (SPRINT-Centel)
929 Edinburg VA (Shenandoah Telephone)
930 Epps Fork VA (SPRINT-United's Carolina Tel & Tel)
932 Bluefield WV (Citizen's Telecom, southern WV; GTE, western VA)
937 Richmond IN (GTE) (incl. part of western OH)
938 Terre Haute IN (GTE) (incl. part of eastern IL)
939 Ft.Myers FL (SPRINT-United)
(939-01 Avon Park EA; 939-02 Ft.Myers EA)
949 Fayetteville NC (SPRINT-United's Carolina Tel & Tel)
951 Rocky Mount NC (SPRINT-United's Carolina Tel & Tel)
952 Tampa FL (GTE)
953 Talahassee FL (SPRINT-Centel)
956 Bristol TN/VA - Johnson City TN
(SPRINT-United's Inter-Mountain Tel)
(northeastern TN and extreme southwestern VA)
958 Lincoln NE (Lincoln Tel & Tel)
960 Coeur d'Alene ID (GTE)- north Idaho, parts of northeast WA
961 San Angelo TX (GTE)
963 Kalispell MT (Northwestern Telephone Co. of Montana)
973 Palm Springs CA (GTE)
974 Rochester NY (Frontier's Rochester Tel)
976 Mattoon IL (Illinois Consolidated Telephone Co)
977 Macomb/Galesburg IL (GTE)
978 Olney IL (GTE)
980 Navajo Communications of Arizona (northeastern AZ)
981 Navajo Communications of Utah (southeastern UT)
999 (default "LATA" code for NPA's 500, 800, 900, etc)

#32 WhiteSword


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Posted 25 June 2004 - 10:29 AM


#33 HoldThePhone


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Posted 25 June 2004 - 01:46 PM

Here is a LATA map I found using Google Image Search.

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