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about printer ink cartridges

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Posted 15 January 2003 - 03:28 PM

playing a little devils advocate... (or am I?)

Listen to the 01/11/2003 show (http://raymoore.com/radio/) before you comment, BTW...

I feel that the printer companies absolutely have the right to make those "self-destruct" cartridges. I don't condemn them for it, In fact, I applaud them for it. But let me explain my reason...

I look at it like this: They have a patent on the product. And they can make their cartridges however they want (within reason). They recognized that other companies were capitalizing their research and products (which you admitted yourself on the show) and had a decision to make in how they handled it.

I see 3 possibilities of how to handle this: 1) Ignore it, 2) sue them, 3) react with technology. Option 1 would not be smart, or they would lose a lot of money.

Now option 2, which is what Lexmark is trying to do, I DO NOT agree with! I think that is bullshit crying little baby shit. Someone one-upped you by finding a better/cheaper way to deliver ink. Deal with it! Fukk Lexmark! I say fight fire with fire. That means taking option 3.

Option 3, to me, is what hacking is ALL ABOUT! They found a way to make the cartridges SELF-DESTRUCT or turn themselves off when they are empty. That is fukking brilliant to me. They took it upon themselves to further secure their product rights, which is a good thing IMHO. Now the ball is back in the hands of the other companies producing ink and refills! Will they come up with a way to get through this new obstacle? It depends on how well they can hack!

The other thing to point out is that I agree with their tactics on HOW THEY SUPPORT THEIR PRODUCT. As a hakker, I applaud that. What this means to me as a consumer sucks! My response as a consumer is to now deal with the situation that exists where I can no longer purchase refills for my printer cartridge. This becomes a personal consumer decision.

Some people may decide to no longer purchase printers made by companies that impose this tactic. I fully support this! This is where consumers need to exercise their rights. Purchase from a printer manufacturer that DOES NOT EMPLOY these tactics if you disagree with the other manufacturers policies.

Also understand, that the new printers must have SUPPORT for these "self-destruct" chips. Older printers may not be affected, especially not without updating their software. If it works, don't bother updating!

What if YOU were the CIO of the printer company? BE HONEST, what would you do to protect your product line? Would you sue? Would you create new tamper-proof systems? Would you re-evaluate your entire business strategy to produce more expensive printers and cheaper ink? What could you and would you do? And back up your response with a legitimate business model to make your money and keep your company afloat!

*whew* That should stir up a little bit of activity! :P Or not... :(

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Posted 15 January 2003 - 03:34 PM

how old are "older printers", I got a lexmark Z45 that I bought like 3 months ago, am I in danger, cause if so, screw them, I'm changin companies...
oh and by the way, why buy refills when you can do it yourself, just get a syringe (is that how u spell it???) and some good quality pen ink. I used to do this all the time with my old canon, but then I changed to lexmark, and the refill nozzles are too damn small. So just stick the needle in there and pump away, be careful, this can get very messy, if you stick too much in there, pressure will build up, and when u take the needle out, bam ink on ya face...

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