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New Virgin Cellphone

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#1 M_from_S



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Posted 15 January 2003 - 05:04 AM

So out here on the west coast Virgin is promoting there new cell phone. "What's fun, sexy and not looking for commintment?" - the new Vigin Kyocera cell phone!!. It is basically a no contract, pay extra for everything (ring tones, sending text messages, 411) program.

I'm presuming their target are frirvolous teenagers. The first ten minutes of EVERY day cost 25 cents a minute, all minutes thereafter, just 10 cents. For just ten minutes a day that would be $2.50 x 30 days a month - 75 bucks a month. I think that would get expensive for an everyday cell phone rather quickly. "Emergency Use" only would not be so bad.

I should also mention that their brochure includes maps of all the states and their current and proposed coverage - one interpretation that would certainly be true is "large coverage gaps."

The only benefit i see to this phone is one possible payment option. The "Auto Top-Up" card. "Pay cash for a Virgin Mobile Top-Up Card at thousands of retail locations." So walk into a Virgin Megastore, buy a phone (at 49.99 and up) and a "Top-Up Card", for cash, and besides the cameras at store one would have complete cell phone anonymity.

#2 latency


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Posted 15 January 2003 - 10:28 AM

yeah Virgin's pre-pay cellphone offer really doesn't seem that much better than the other alternatives already out there.

I had a verizon pre-paid phone a while back and it served it's purpose - I didn't use the thing much, and I didn't have a credit card to put a regular phone on - until my girlfriend starting calling me so much that it was cheaper just to set up a checking account at a bank and start up a regular plan.

and as for the anonymity aspect - those prepaid cellphones are supposedly what the terrorists from 9/11 used to communicate! Oh my! evil terrorist technology! :roll:

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Posted 15 January 2003 - 10:32 AM

Irony is that every store ive been to that sells those prepaid phones have at least one camera watching them or where you check out. I have yet to see it sold in places that dont have cameras. Conspiracy? Maybe.

Out of all the services ive used.. if you use at&t ive found it better than other companies. A little bit more for your dime but some of their plans are a little expensive. Also signing up for 2 years gives you the bigger bang as well.

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