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HPR - HPR1408: Drupal in Gothenburg with Addison Berry and others

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Posted 24 December 2013 - 07:00 PM

In a sunny Gothenburg, the spring of 2012, we find a lot of happy web developers attending DrupalCamp. This is the second show with conversations from that event. This time you will hear Addison Berry from Lullabot, Henrik from All In IT Radio as well as Patrik and Cornelius.

If you want to hear what Henrik and I thought about this years DrupalCamp, then you should have a listen to the episode "Con of the Year" over on our podcast. There we talk about all the conferences we have attended in 2013, including DrupalCamp, FSCONS and Retrospelsmässan.

Participants in todays show

Addison, Twitter: @add1sun
Henrik, Twitter: @warpfuz
Patrik, Twitter: @PatrikMOlsson
Cornelius, Twitter: @ruckmanen


DrupalCamp Göteborg Spring 2012: http://spring2012.drupalcamp.se/
DrupalCamp Göteborg Summer 2013: http://summer2013.drupalcamp.se/
"Intro to Drush": http://spring2012.dr...ons/intro-drush (Youtube: https://youtu.be/FB-q_ejqEgk)
"Learn Drupal on the Contribution Ladder": http://spring2012.dr...ribution-ladder (Youtube: https://youtu.be/1j-PC3cdANU)
Lullabot: http://www.lullabot.com/
Lullabot Podcasts: http://www.lullabot.com/ideas/podcasts
Drupalize.Me: http://drupalize.me/
LearnDrupal.org: http://learndrupal.org/
DrupalEasy #95: http://drupaleasy.co...cast-95-deja-vu
Lullabot - About Addison Berry: http://www.lullabot....m/addison-berry
All In IT Radio "Con Of The Year": http://aiit.se/radio/0023

How to reach me

You should follow me and subscribe to All In IT Radio:


Go to this episode

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