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Sample BRR show notes!

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Posted 07 December 2013 - 10:32 PM

I was discussing this with some of the gang on IRC and thought I would share it.  I found a bunch of old material on my NAS server that I finally got back up and running.  While going through it I found all of the original BRR source material including my show notes for each episode.  I thought I would post one just to show you what I put together for every episode of the show each week.  I just grabbed this one at random (episode 45).



opening theme:  Zearle - Dedication to the hackers and the crackers.


AIR DATE:  05/11/2004



New first-time host: PsyPete!


Statistics for April:  HackTV dropped!  We lost 5 and a half days of stats due to the log file not getting rolled fast enough.  With that in mind, we still used 100 GB in bandwidth for the month, not counting any mirror site stats.


Average # of visits per day is around 600.  Average # of GB per day was around 1 before Hacktv, and 3.5 after.


Top 5 countries (non-US):  Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Denmark.


Robots:  still getting hits on robots.txt file from the 2600 article.  Googlebot is hard at work indexing around 3000 pages followed by Inktomi at around 1000.  Interesting - finding unusual hits from MSNbot so a little investigation showed that they are doing things a little different (as usual).  I found the following quote from MS own FAQ site about their msnbot...

"Why is MSNBot downloading information from our "secret" web server?

If there are any hyperlinks to your "secret" web server it is no longer a secret. MSNBot follows hyperlinks and will likely find this hyperlink. Also, if there is a hyperlink from your "secret" web server to another server this will cause your "secret" URL to be in the referrer tag which can be found by analyzing logs of that server. If you have a confidential web server you should use password protection in addition to the robots.txt defined by the Robots Exclusion Standard."

So you heard it from MS themselves.  It is A-OK to find and report upon stuff that you find on their server!  If MS can do it, so can we.

Also this scary answer:  

"Once MSNBot crawls my site will it show up in the search results on MSN Search?

MSNBot is a prototype crawler and the crawling it is doing is not necessarily related to the search results found on http://search.msn.com. "

Umm...if it is not for the MSN search engine, then WTFRU looking for?


OS:  The usual suspects - 86% Windows, 9% linux, 2.5% mac...then some kool hits to see...These were all tiny fractions of a percent, but just kool to see in use:  FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD, Sun Solaris, OS/2, and WebTV!?!

Browsers:  Again, the ususal suspects, but should I be surprised to see that there are more hits from Opera browser than from Firebird?  Over 3 to 1?  Which distros default to which browser?  I didnt realize that Opera was so prominent.  Also still get almost 1000 page hits from people using lynx!


Referrers:  #1 PnG.  Assorted other forums, linking to specific threads, too many to mention.  totse (Temple of the screaming Electron) link to hacktv.  Lucky225 sends some hits.


Search engine phrases:  #1 Anime (from assorted mentions in the forums apparently) followed by hacker wallpaper and anime wallpaper.  If you have either or want to make some new ones, put them in the gallery.  People are looking.


That is about it...but just for the record.  I also see, when I parse through my logs, all of the attempts at "unauthorized access" and I see where they come from.  I just am confident that they are harmless and/or incompetent and I don't waste my time backtracking them unless they appear to be trying to do something truly unethical to my site.  Don't think your attempts go unseen.  I don't need a fucking "Intrusion Detection System", I *AM* an Intrusion Detection system!


email:  <real name withheld> - "Hi!  I listened the latest episode of the BinRev Radio (ep. 44) and heard people criticizing the car-tuning part of the HackTV episode 1. It sounded like some people didn't like the tuning part and considered it to be out of the hacking context. I found the tuning to be very interesting and would like to see more about the subject sometimes. I'm not expecting to see car stuff on every episode, but I think that it spices up the program and it would be pretty refreshing to see something not directly related to computing.

Thanks for the great radio show and quite promising TV show! Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, a BinRev Radio listener from Finland"


Finland!  w00t!  Car stuff will not be regular, but we will mix some things in...I also am considering some alternative projects to get stuff like this out.


email:  System Sacrifice - "hey man im wondering what that song is in the into and outro of hack t.v.  get back to me if you get a chance to."


*sigh*  ...Zearle... www.zearle.com for crying out loud! I get this every week....

* PERSONAL HACKING/STORIES (aka - Show and Tell) *

Stank:  2600 meeting.  Finalized HOPE5 plans.  Hack Failure

Psypete:  2600 meeting, 2600 no longer in B&N?


Main topic MS office vs Openoffice.org 1.1  (NOTE:  This will be a pretty professional topic and hopefully convincing to managers or people to hear a true evaluation.  Ideally, I would like this to help people actually form an opinion to give open source projects a chance by keeping it professional and analytical.)

e-week April 26 did a comparison...they had some companies volunteer to test both application suites and see if openoffice.org was a viable alternative to MS Office.

Why?  The MS Office license eeded to be renewed and MS no longer offered licensing for the old Office 97 suite nor the Office 2000 suite.  Even though Office 97 fulfilled their needs perfectly fine, they were forced to have to upgrade to MS Office 2003 even though it was pure overkill.  Or was there an alternative?

Assorted levels of users from beginner to advanced tested both products...


Word vs Writer: discuss  (this was pretty even, some problems importing/exporting heavily formatted documents, openoffice exports natively to PDF format which was impressive to office users.  Ms would require an expensive add-on.)

Excel vs Calc: discuss  (Excel had an edge due to advanced features like pivot tables which were inadequate in Calc, but general users saw little difference.)

Powerpoint vs Impress: discuss  (also pretty even although openoffice.org had problem importing powerpoint presentations especially those with embedded word or excel objects)

Overall summary from eweek testing was that openoffice.org worked perfectly fine for most basic users but advanced users did not find full functionality in some of the applications.  So, what decision would you make as a manager?  Can you run an office and support BOTH?  What about interoperability?  backwards compatability (MS = usually not!)?


discuss licensing (zero dollars versus whatever MS offers which can be as little as 30 bucks "per seat"), open source in general.  The "trust" factor.


Discuss how to roll this out into an office environment...  learning curve(interface), support, import/export to office users (Of course MS does this best, it is their formats for crying out loud!), etc...  Large companies?  Small companies?  all companies?



Shoutz:  Decoder, xlogicx:  got ripped off by Kevin Rose, and got published in 2600!  That is a pretty damn good week!  Tonez from our 2600 group for getting published.  Welcome the new Tampa2600 group to our site.

Email us at:  radio@binrev.com - Reminder: submit articles for <BR> 2.2 ...start sending to articles@binrev.com

"See you next week, same hack time...same hack channel"

closing music:  Hey Hey 16K - MJ Hibbett


BinRev is hosted by the great people at Lunarpages!