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HPR - HPR1362: Fixing a bad RSS feed

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Posted 21 October 2013 - 07:00 PM

There have been problems with the podcast feed for "mintCast",apparently as a result of a bug in Wordpress. The feed containsmultiple "enclosure" tags containing the same audio over and overagain. While the mintCast hosts are looking for a fix I would like tofind a local work-around.I have also encountered a problem with the "Pod Delusion Extra" feedwhich contains multiple enclosures in some episodes. Unlike the"mintCast" example I don't want to lose these enclosures but want tofind a way of repackaging them into individual episodes.These problems affect some podcatchers, the modified Bashpodder I usebeing amongst them. To counteract this problem I have written twoshort Perl scripts to copy and clean each feed before submitting it tomy podcatcher.Detailed notes: http://www.hackerpub..._RSS_feeds.html

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