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HPR - HPR1298: Recording for HPR using Audacity

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Posted 23 July 2013 - 07:00 PM

The almost failsafe short of it. Use "alsamixer" to boost all recordingvolumes on main pulse and all cards (e.g. "alsamixer -c 0"). Start Audacity,edit -> preferences, stay in the "device" submenu, don't bother with the"recording" submenu. For each of the "Hosts" (alsa/jack), try all "Device"sunder the "Recording" tab, start speaking, notice volume (or not and trythe next one)see http://www.hackerpub.../contribute.php for more text on recordingand suggested topicsSee http://www.hackerpub....org/README.txt and for more (textual)information about the submission process andhttp://hackerpublicr...e_shownotes.txt for sample shownotes.

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