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HPR - HPR1263: 3G Tunnels (Sshuttle)

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Posted 04 June 2013 - 07:00 PM

Timttmy and NYbill have a chat about 3G connectivity and Sshuttle. Sshuttle isapp that blends VPN and SSH proxy like features. They also touch on AUR packaging and the recent Linode hacks. Then start to reminisce about OGGcamps past and the good'ol days ofthe Linux Outlaw forums. And what do most geeks do when they hang out? They finish up talking about their computer gear. 3g tethering http://wiki.openwrt....o/usb.tetheringsshuttlehttps://github.com/a...sshuttle#readmehttp://talk.maemo.or...ead.php?t=68805http://manpages.ubun...sshuttle.8.htmlTimttmy http://micro-timttmy.dyndns.org/micro/NYbill http://status.gunmonkeynet.net/

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