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Kernel (dot)Config

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#1 kondor


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Posted 28 December 2002 - 01:16 PM

Helo fellow Linux users!
I need your help, I need to get Kernel Config files, for an article I am planning on writing
ONLY the DEFAULTS please, so if you have ever recompiled your kernel you can't help me, unless you have the file backed up.
To help you help me, I will tell you where the file is. It should be at:
* being your version (most should be 2.4.* probably 18 or higher if you are using a very new distro)
you could open it up and see if it says
# Automatically generated make config: don't edit
or something like that. that is what I need.
just email it to me at k0nd0r@myrealbox.com
The distros I need are
Red Hat
Yellow Dog or/and PowerPC
Thank you.

#2 dual


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Posted 28 December 2002 - 02:26 PM

In SuSE 8.0, the config file is /boot/vmlinuz.config. It's on the way, K.

#3 BoBB


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Posted 28 December 2002 - 09:58 PM

You cant even boot into gentoo without compiling your own custom kernel. Its part of the install process. So theres really no default config for gentoo. If you just download the sources and dont do any config chances are 90% of your stuff isn't going to work. And very likely that it wont even boot.

#4 Zapperlink


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Posted 29 December 2002 - 03:27 AM

If you still need redhat let me know.

#5 kondor


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Posted 29 December 2002 - 05:04 PM

I still need red hat, I just pulled my list from distrowatch. I don't know anything about gentoo, or yellow dog or even some of the others. do you like Gentoo? tell me about it and I might try it.

#6 StankDawg


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Posted 29 December 2002 - 05:23 PM

I just checked my redhat 8.0 and it does not have the "automatic" phrase you were looking for. Maybe because I upgraded/installed over from redhat 7.2 which I had customized.

#7 BoBB


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Posted 30 December 2002 - 05:15 AM

I love gentoo. I like it because it lets you get in there and do anything you want but it still can do stuff for you if your to lazy. The install is pretty easy if it goes ok, when you run into problems it can be not so fun =/ If it all works you pretty much just copy from thier install guide what they tell you to do. Everything is built from scratch on gentoo, could be good for some bad for others, it depends. Another problem alot of people have is they allways bash gentoo's dependecy handling but its because they dont read the docs. If you read the USE flag documentation it will all make sense. There is alot of great documentation on the gentoo site. They have a security howto, an rc-scripts howto(they do it diffeently), a desktop howto ffor the people who just want it to work without having to think :) and quite a few others. They also have a great community. Everyones allways willing to help out for the most part. All in all id say you would have a much much easier time installing/running gentoo if you read thier docs first.

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