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HPR - HPR1142: LiTS 020: pgrep and pkill

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 07:00 PM

Linux In The Shell aims to explore the use of many commands a user can run in the Bash Shell. Tutorials include a write up with examples, an audio component about the write up, and a video component to demonstrate the usage of the command.
The website is http://www.linuxintheshell.org/

This episode the focus will be on two commands that go hand-in-hand: pgrep and pkill. Like the kill command, pkill is used to send a signal to a process usually with the intent to terminate or stop the process. Instead of passing the Process ID (PID) you can pass the process name:

pkill xterm

For the rest of this episode please check out the shownotes and video at http://www.linuxinth...grep-and-pkill/

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