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HPR - HPR1111: HPR Community News October 2012

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Posted 04 November 2012 - 07:00 PM

A monthly look at what has been going on in the HPR community. This is a regular show scheduled for the first Monday of the month.FeaturingaparanoidshellbobobexcorenominalEpicanisFifteyOneFiftyKen FallonKT4KB-JonNew hostsWelcome to our new host: bobobex, andDave MorrissShow Reviewidtitlehost 1086HPR Community News September 2012HPR Admins 1087The FSCONS of Jonas ÖbergSeetee 1088Penguicon 2012Ahuka 1089Max Mether of SkySQL talks about MariaDBVarious Creative Commons Works 1090TGTM Newscast for 10/2/2012deepgeek 1091Useful Vim PluginsDave Morriss 1092Ham Radio: The Original Tech Geek PassionMrGadgets 1093Separate Presentation from Content - 2 Office SoftwareAhuka 1094Linux, Beer, and Who Cares?FiftyOneFifty 1095TGTM Newscast for 2012/10/07deepgeek 1096KeepassXFrank Bell 1097The Cyberunions PodcastVarious Creative Commons Works 1098My Journey to Geekdombobobex 1099compilers part 2sigflup 1100Why Android Tablets Suck Part2MrGadgets 1101Recovery of an (en)crypted home directory in a buntu based systemFiftyOneFifty 1102Speech ImpedimentsDoorToDoorGeek 1103Thoughtkindness: In Defense of Media FreetardationEpicanis 1104TuxJam: Episode 15Various Creative Commons Works 1105TGTM Newscast for 10/24/2012deepgeek 1106Of Fuduntu, RescaTux (or the Farmer Buys a Dell)FiftyOneFifty 1107Compilers Part 3sigflup 1108What's In my Bag?Mike Hingley 1109Astricon 2012 - Virtues of the Open Source Telephony PlatformVarious Creative Commons Works 1110The Doctor Who Restoration TeamAukonDK Other NewsOnly about one third of the downloads are OGG so if you are freedom lover change over to the ogg feed. http://hackerpublicr...ss.phpApologies again to BuyerBrown for the show mixup.Fossdem - HPR/Podcast tableIf anyone is going to fossdem (https://fosdem.org/2013/ and would be interested in covering a booth, please get in touch with admin at hprThis also counts for other podcasters who want to share a table.Reshaping HPRThere has been a lot of activity on the mail list this month about changes to the scheduling rules and about the upload formats. Please start by (re)listening to 0560 - Old soldiers | 2010-08-02As we didn't have shows to fill the feed, we introduced other Non-HPR exclusive content to fill the gaps.As contributions increased this resulted in a long delay in getting the HPR exclusive content out. The rest can be read via manually created mail archive http://hackerpublicr...rchive.pdfThere is also a discussion about changing the upload to FLAC onlyDev NewsThe cpanel website is giving problems and Josh is working to get them fixed. mordancy pointed out that we didn't have a full feed for the ogg and spx. So after thinking about it for too long these have also been added.We made some clean up to the website so please have a look around and report anything out of the ordinary.Epicanis has been working on a upload form which can be found http://hpr.dogphilos...et/hprup.phpThe gitorious page can be found http://gitorious.org...uling-systemThe rest can be read via manually created mail archive http://hackerpublicr...-10-archive.pdf

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