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HPR - HPR1008: Fix the "Sticky Keys" Bug in Minecraft

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Posted 11 June 2012 - 07:00 PM

A quickie episode by Windigo that covers a fix for the "Sticky Keys" bug in Minecraft on Linux. The "Sticky Keys" bug causes the Minecraft client to act as if a button hasn't been released when it has - which causes your character, Steve, to suffer some awful consequences as a result (depending on what situation you are in when the bug occurs). Upgrading the LWJGL libraries/drivers that come with Minecraft usually fixes this bug. To upgrade the drivers, do the following: Download an updated version of the LWJGL libraries LWJGL 2.8.0 - Not the latest release, but worked great for me Copy the following files from lwjgl-2.8.0/jar/ in the zip file you downloaded to /home/[youruser]/.minecraft/bin/, replacing the existing files there: jinput.jar lwjgl.jar lwjgl_util.jar Copy all of the files from lwjgl-2.8.0/natives/ in the zip file you downloaded to /home/[youruser]/.minecraft/bin/natives/, again replacing the existing files there If you still encounter issues with the new versions of the libraries, try a newer or older version until you find one that works with your system. 2.8.0 happens to work for my setup (Debian Stable w. Sun Java), but YMMV - your Minecraft may vary.Linkshttp://micro.fragdev.com/windigo/http://minecraft.nethttp://lwjgl.orghttp://sourceforge.net/projects/java-game-lib/files/Official%20Releases/LWJGL%202.8.0/lwjgl-2.8.0.zip/download

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