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HPR - HPR0991: Making a Music Sampler with Midi and Pygame

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Posted 19 May 2012 - 07:00 PM

Pygame Midi documentation: http://www.pygame.or...midi.htmlPygame Mailing List: http://www.pygame.org/wiki/infoMidi.py sample from pygame example folder: https://bitbucket.or...pySampler/Sound Looper made from python, pygame and midi: http://www.pygame.or...oper-1734-.html Sample values that populate midi_events variable: Middle C note key press (notice the data1 is 60 and data2 is 127) <Event(34-Unknown {'status': 144, 'vice_id': 2, 'timestamp': 6701, 'data1': 60, 'data3': 0, 'data2': 127})> Middle C note key release (notice the data1 is 60 and data2 is 0) <Event(34-Unknown {'status': 128, 'vice_id': 2, 'timestamp': 6764, 'data1': 60, 'data3': 0, 'data2': 0})> Middle C# note key press (notice the data1 is now 61) <Event(34-Unknown {'status': 144, 'vice_id': 2, 'timestamp': 206684, 'data1': 61, 'data3': 0, 'data2': 127})>Python code snippet that pulls the note number from the midi_events list and appends an "off" string if it is a key release. if str(midi_events[0][0][2]) != "0": midinote = str(midi_events[0][0][1]) else: midinote = str(midi_events[0][0][1]) + "off"Controlling sounds with if statements and our midinote variable: distbassrollloop = pygame.mixer.Sound("7FullCircleDistBassRollLoop.wav") distsnarerollloop = pygame.mixer.Sound("7FullCircleDistSnareRollLoop.wav") distbass = pygame.mixer.Sound("7FullCircleDistBassPad.wav") distsnare = pygame.mixer.Sound("7FullCircleDistSnare.wav") if midinote == "48": distbass.play() if midinote == "49": distbassrollloop.play(1000) if midinote == "49off": distbassrollloop.stop() if midinote == "50": distsnare.play() if midinote == "51": distsnarerollloop.play(1000) if midinote == "51off": distsnarerollloop.stop()Contact info: bgryderclock on Google+: https://plus.google....638902983586355 bgryderclock on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bgryderclock bgryderclock on Identica: http://identi.ca/bgr...ca/bgryderclock

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