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HPR - HPR0953: LITS: Episode 003 - cut

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Posted 27 March 2012 - 07:00 PM

In the third in his series Dann, shows us the benifits of the cut command:The cut command, as the man page states, "removes sections from each line of a file." The cut command can also be used on a stream and it can do more than just remove section. If a file is not specified or "-" is used, the cut command takes input from standard in. The cut command can be used to extract sections from a file or stream based upon a specific criteria. An example of this would be cutting specific fields from a csv (comma separated values) file. For instance, cut can be used to extract the name and email address from a csv file with the following content:http://www.linuxintheshell.org/2012/03/28/episode-003-cut/ for the complete shownotes, including video.

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