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any recommended books or tutorial websites?

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#1 nyphonejacks


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Posted 26 February 2010 - 08:04 PM

i finallay pulled a PC out of the storage closet and installed asteriskNOW onto it, which runs on top of CentOS... everything installed smoothly... got no idea what i am doing behind the command line of CentOS - or any linux distro for that matter, none of the comand line commands that i am familiar with for windows dos box is any help...

getting into the freePBX web interface was easy enough, but i have no idea what setting to change, or what to input where...

i am not looking for anyone to hold my hand, because i actually enjoy learning, and falling on my ass and failing on my own... what i am trying to find is if anyone has any resources that they would be able to point me to such as books, PDF files, or websites that have basically infoz on CentOS or a tutorial about linux command line inputs...

info about asterisk such as how to set up multiple sip accounts - and customize it, i would like one sip account to collect the CID data, and upon hanging up calls the number back right away (ring back numbers no longer work, sometimes cell reception is not good when i am testing peoples phone lines) i would like to configure another SIP line to provide dial tone to make a call thru my asterisk server (if i could spoof CID on the fly that would be even better, but not a major concern until it is working)

and i finally infoz about how to set everything up with freepbx...

i assume that i can just put the asterisk box in a corner somewhere and forget about it, and administer all of the changes, etc from another PC over the LAN (could i also do this over the WAN if i had a static IP or set up a dynamic ip service?)

(sorry for any spelling, i am on my netbook right now.. tiny keyboard, and no spell check)

#2 AlexZ



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Posted 27 February 2010 - 07:11 AM

CentOs is a unix-distro, so it's equal to eachother unix-distro, the same line command but certanly it has got some different program manager or some other command specific to that distro!!
While I'm looking for some information about that I've found a very good link where there are some pretty CentOs's tutorials.
I hope you will follow them and you will try to have a look to them!! ;)
here site
But afterthat, you can find other very good sources throught Google!!
Good luck, AlexZ!

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