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Posted 20 January 2010 - 11:54 PM

I am really trying to not make things worse but this is just not fair...

This thread is completely ridiciolus (strom plz2 spell check for me firefox cant fix it) ... I personally chose not to post on these forums anymore because of I didn't want to be part or causing any drama for anybody. As far as I understand I was never banned from these forums, but I know some people that are more frequent contributors than myself knew that I was more with lucky's side of things being as how I've known him for quite some time and know him locally although that does not mean I always agreed with lucky's actions or viewpoints.

I decided to avoid any further drama for any party, to just split ways as I know it would of course not be a big deal to anybody in this community. I did try to post once in awhile, but after focusing on growing up and living on your own you kind of face different responsibilities and see life in the different way you did at your parents house.

The reason why I am posting again is because this thread is up that contains basically docs of someone's personal life and information which in my opinion should be completely against rules which I thought were really important to keep a good board up and running. I find it completely unfair to lucky225 to keep this up simply because somebody has an issue in the past with him. It's not even just bad for lucky225, it's even bad for the company who's not even doing anything and hasn't have had the pleasure of knowing tron to be pwned by him.

He posted docs in the past? All I personally ever recall was information that was completely public record that anybody could find and that person even knew it was public. I may be completely wrong about this, maybe there were other information going around behind my ears that I never knew about, I really don't know. But to be honest, that was around five years ago... Everybody went their separate ways since then and left each other alone. The relationship didn't work out, it ended ugly, that's it...people move on from that.

Lucky225 if anything has been the most respectful to the DDP since those times. He's banned, he knows that, he accepts that. He's never made an account to post on here or trying to be sneaky. He respects the rules because breaking the rules on these very forums is what started all of that in the first place. There have been many other people on these forums who have been banned who somehow always end up posting or creating an account...just like the original poster who started these whole thread....TRON. This person yet again continues to create drama for the internet and telephone community. Every time i hear and talk to tron on confs, i try to get along with this guy and i personally think somewhere in the tron head of his, he's some decent normal guy...but no im fucking wrong all the time..hes fucking tron! (not to be confused with the new movie TRON 2.0 coming out in the summer, youtube for trailer)

Lucky225 posted spam on these boards five years ago or so... and today he loses his job because of the rumors and security threat of what tron started. Thank you Binary Revolution Forums for effecting someone's career. We all have our ideas of who lucky really is, but to be honest he's just a married man trying to make a living and pay rent. And because of people like tron, and honestly partly the people that decided to keep this thread up..it has effected him in his real life. Did lucky225 ever cause anyone to lose their job? Did he really fuck up that bad to be paying the price now?

My point is Lucky225 has made mistakes and he can be goofy as we all know from dougtv (pimp the past) and default radio (RIP!)...that was forever ago... now he's just a goofy with no job. I am posting because nobody has come up to defend lucky and he can't speak for himself because he wont disrespect his ban. He's been and being respectful...can you people please do the same?

/end of rant. I'm not sure if this post is violation of any terms and if it is I do apologize and accept any type of ban. I am not trying to cause trouble I am just trying to defend a friend and not attack anybody. Thank you.

Edit: As StankDawg pointed out, if you ph33r find something else or do it yourself!

The point was that lucky has a habit of posting docs on public forums, whether the info is public or not is irrelivent, he has a habit of screwing people and this is just karma coming back at him.

I have it on good authority from someone close to you and lucky that he was doing things he shouldn't have on that bridge with info he shouldn't have made public that probably violated his job's and the service's TOS.

I remember when tron got out of prison and was calling into confs, lucky pulled the number of the hotel tron was calling from and made it public on the conf, as well as calling and harassing him at the hotel and ordering pizza's to his room.

I checked and the movie comes out in december, not summer :)

Lucky fucked up big time and deserved to lose his job.

Tell lucky you reap what you sew.

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Posted 21 January 2010 - 09:42 AM

I think one thing we can all agree on is that tron is an epic troll.

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Posted 21 January 2010 - 11:07 AM

I am not bringing up the past. What happened, happened and its over. But since I was on the receiving end of it (I feel about lucky how you feel about TRON, maybe that will make you see my view) I simply pointed out that I don't trust him. That is no different than what you just posted about TRON. Will you champion him for getting fired for his past actions as well? I answered the question short and to the point and tried not to get into it and I still won't except to say that my personal/work cell was never "public information" and you know that but still won't accept it. I can appreciate standing up for your friend, but I tend not to beleive him any more than you believe tron based on my experience.

Binary Revolution did not get lucky fired. Lucky got lucky fired. You may not believe this, but i am genuinely not happy about if it is even true, I never know what the truth is with any of you guys and that is part of the point. Peoples actions have repercussions and sometimes those repercussions have lasting effects to your reputation. I have the same thing. People hate me for actions that I have made in the past. I never dropped anyones docs. that being said, I do not think that spoofcard would have the right to terminate anyone based on heresay. This is why I was trying to see if there was any evidence behind the accusation (because I also know TRON and his history of douchbaggery). Since no one has provided any evidence thus far, then I do not think it is fair for lucky to lose his job over a potentially false allegation. There you go spoofcard, if you are reading this you just heard a guy who doesn't trust lucky tell you that you have no right to fire him. You have no idea (or do you?) that lucky did anything wrong or deserves to be fired. Maybe watch him closely or something, monitor him, but fire him? Bad form.

So to try once again to divert this off of the past, I will once again post requesting alternative companies in case anyone else is interested in such a service. By all means, spoofcard might be a fine company and I am not condemning them at all. I only say that options are always good and as consumers, having choices is always better so let's discuss choices.

#24 jeremy_



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Posted 21 January 2010 - 11:18 AM

I will say that I will never be a customer of Telespoof after this. Firing lucky over no real evidence is bullshit. The friends I have recommended the service to will be informed about this so that they can find someone else as well.

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Posted 21 January 2010 - 11:39 AM

If private information (mobile number, etc) was released by lucky225 then I had no idea. I know of 'others' that were part of that and I strongly disagree with those actions in the past and made sure I was never part of anything even though they are still my friends... I really don't think lucky was a part of that if you really knew what lucky's limits were, however I can be completely mistaken since I really didn't know what was going down. But even if lucky was part of that, it was still years ago and by going our separate ways, lucky is still getting drama not only in the scene but now his personal life...

You know how tron is just as much as any of us (good times)... he will always be tron. Lucky225 posted spam and got flamed for being a dummy and five years later, lucky is minding his own business and tron is still trying to get into his life. It isn't lucky's fault that any of this is presently happening. He doesn't voice his opinion on the radio anymore, he's not the media whore he use to be..hell I consider lucky225 is dead just as much as many others as far as I know. He doesn't participate in any of this anymore and he's still the victim in all of this no matter how you look at it. If what lucky did then is true, two wrongs obviously do not make a right in this case.

Anyways there's no point I'm sure to continue talking about this since we have all voiced our opinions about this situation. I respect everyone for doing their own investigating cause that's what a phreak does just as much as I respect StankDawg's opinion because I was never in his position nor really do what was going down other than the little I've heard from others.

#26 resistor X

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Posted 21 January 2010 - 04:41 PM

Out of morbid curiosity, I emailed Trapcall support & asked if Lucky was recently fired - they said yes.

Unlike in my previous post I can't paste in the email where I got their answer because I'm posting this from my cell phone & it's on my computer at home. If anyone wants it, I can post it later.

It appears Trapcall jut didn't want to risk having him there. Perhaps my post above got them thinking when I said "maybe he's dropped docs but hasn't been caught yet-it wouldn't be the 1st time a company had this happen". Perhaps...

#27 decoder


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Posted 21 January 2010 - 10:02 PM

Not to stir shit up, but I certainly agree that this forum shouldn't be a place where fake accounts come along and post allegations which result in people being terminated from their employment.

If "unlucky" was indeed the victim of a violation of his privacy by an employee of trapcall/spoofcard then he should have contacted them.

Also, if Lucky was fired without any evidence of a particular account being accessed by an employee, then he worked for a piece of shit company.

If I were a mod, i would have deleted this thread because even if the allegations were true, there was not a shred of evidence provided, and I do not believe that this is a place for such things. perhaps if "unlucky" simply voiced a concern over the privacy expectations when dealing with a particular service, but he didn't - he made an accusation directed at one man, without anything to back it up.

That being said, it's probably all true. :laugh: ...seriously.
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Posted 22 January 2010 - 08:55 AM

and on that note...

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