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HPR - Ep0465: Failsafe security

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Posted 13 October 2009 - 07:00 PM

WARNING: It's easy to lock yourself out of a system implementing these changes so make sure you have physical access to the console of the system you are securing.To display all processes listening netstat -anp | grep -i listenDeny all connections to any port from any external IP address/etc/hosts.deny all:all/etc/hosts.allow sshd: # My other pcIPTables Tutorial: http://iptables-tuto...frozentux.net/A good starting point to block all except ssh: http://www.cyberciti...-allow-ssh.html Disable root login via ssh: http://www.howtogeek...n-linux/Setting up ssh keys and disabling password logins.http://www.debuntu.org/ssh-key-based-authentication

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