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HPR - Ep0444: Cherokee And Asyncronous Servers

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Posted 13 September 2009 - 07:00 PM

ThistleWeb discusses the difference between process based and asynchronous servers, then goes on to talk about Cherokee server and a few flat file PHP applications. Lighty V's Nginx Wiki Cherokee Server Cherokee Ubuntu PPA XAMPP The one-click server for Linux, Windows or OSX. How to forge has plenty of tutorials, including a few on Cherokee. DokuWiki Nano CMS Project Homepage. This domain seems to have expired, so the code is hosted on Google for now. FlatPress The Admin process: sudo cherokee-admin localhost:9090 Copy and paste the temprary password. You can bind it (or a virtual server) to if it's meant to be a private server. I kept refering to "spawn-cgi" in the recording. This is supposed to be "spawn-fcgi". I also inferred that it didn't use config files, it does; it just generates them via the admin web GUI and will overwrite any changes made manually. My new blog is thistleweb.co.uk, my new email is gordon (at) thistleweb (dot) co (dot) uk.

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