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HPR - Ep0345: Editing the auto-generated menu in Linux

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Posted 26 April 2009 - 11:00 PM


Menu files (requires root to edit)


Icon files


Edit files in plain text editor like GEdit

Ellements pointed out in episode (there are plenty more, they vary per app, & distro)

Name : the name it will display on the menu (may need to change Name[foo] to reflect your language)
Language : speaks for itself
Comment : the rollover text
Exec : the command it will execute when clicked
Icon : the path to the icon shown in the menu
OnlyShowIn : useful when trying to find why an application may not be showing the menu

Terminal : runs the command in a terminal

Categories : (I think) this is the submenu groups where it'll appear on the menu

Changes sometimes take a little while to update, restarting X or rebooting will force it to re-read that folder and apply the changes.

Right click to edit menu. Click on something like a separator, move it up, then down to it's original place. Save.

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