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Help building custom ramdisk for ltsp 5

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Posted 09 January 2009 - 01:38 AM

Hi, i have been working with ltsp for past few months.previously i used ltsp 4.2 which has kernel kit so that we can build our custom kernel and build the ramdisk using build_initramfs script.The script is not working for kernels above 2.6.23 (some one please tell why its not working and if possible give me a fix) .

So i switched to ltsp5. They have changed a lot in ltsp5. i got the k12 ltsp live cd and booted i copied the kernel, ramdisk and nfs root (i386 directory) and used them in my fedora core 9.It booted up smoothly and i got the k12 login page......But when i give the user name and password i am not able to login (some one tell why?) it seems to be they are not using xdm and xdmcp ..instead they are using ldm (some kind of X forwarding through ssh i am not sure about this).

so i switched back to custom kernel(2.6.23) builded my build_initramfs of ltsp 4.2, the /opt/ltsp/i386 is from k12ltsp only ,Then i enabled xdmcp through kdm..I configured the second screen in lts.conf so that i get a bash shell.In that bash shell i invoked X using (X -query <xservers ip> :1 )now i am getting kdm login screen and now i am able to login........

Some one plz tell me
1.How to build custom kernel and ramdisk for ltsp5
2.How should i configure so that i disable ldm and get automatic kdm display instead of typing in X -query <ip> :1 command ?

Also i am looking to add some additional wireless drivers inside the ltsp's ramdisk..........

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