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#1 latency


    Mack Daddy 31337

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Posted 06 December 2002 - 05:03 PM

I saw nick posted to an article about directv hacking on /.
just wondering if anyone here has done any umm.."testing" :roll:

*legal disclaimer: i never did this...*
My dad used to have directv (he switched to digital cable when he got a cable modem) so I bought a programmer/unlooper and messed around with it - got to be quite the hobby - always trying to stay a step ahead of Dave (er...DirecTV) and watching the datastream...setting up an emulation box to keep the cards from getting fried...good stuff.

althogh I can't say I'm sad I got out of it now..they're coming down REAL hard...DirecTV has taken over a LOT of popular dss hacking related sites and monitors/prosecutes visitors and people trying to buy hacking related equipment - citing them as illegal infringment devices under the DMCA (you can read more about DirecTV's policy about this stuff on hackhu.com - a former VERY popular dss related site that made its name when it was the first site to publically relase the HU card hack.) IF anyone's considering getting into this - I'd be careful who you bought from. here's a link I found on the pirate's den forums to KNOWN sites that are 0wn3d by directv:
related sites owned or used by directv
there used to be (and may still be I dont know) some hardcore people really dedicated to this "keep it free" scene...but with all the legal crapola a lot of them went underground and are keeping their scripts private now - very unfortunate, but I can sympathize. It's a real hot area right now and with the DMCA holding up so well in court, DirecTV's trying to make as many examples out of testers as they can.

what really sucks is that with smart cards becoming more widespread, these programmers have broader uses than just directv access cards..and it's cool to play around with this shit - but now just by buying one you run the risk of ordering from a DirecTV owned site and getting your name added to a lawsuit...not cool at all.

#2 zerodata


    Gibson Hacker

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Posted 06 December 2002 - 06:06 PM

I used to mess around with the ITV Digital (was ONdigital before) system here in the UK unfortunatly they went bust some time ago so the stuff is obselete however The card programmers and cards are similair to those used in Directv.

You can get Programmers and blank cards from http://www.cardman.co.uk along with other stuff.

#3 kleptic


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Posted 06 December 2002 - 09:50 PM

I didn't have digital cable long enough to even fuck with it. We got it, and kept it until we got the first bill. They screwed us over and charged us for the "free trial." So we cancelled it and decided to stick with basic cable. Oh well. I didn't care about 2234 HBO channels, and Canadian Music tv.

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