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XBOXLIVE ip SPOOF using ICS to connect to remote VPN

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Posted 17 June 2007 - 01:32 AM

Hello All:

My WindowsXP VPN server is in the states. My xp VPN client is in Iraq & the client has the 'USE DEFAULT GATEWAY ON REMOTE NETWORK' option DISABLED. All server and client firewalls disabled. I Obtain ip & DNS address automatically at the VPN SERVER and CLIENT & ICS is enabled on the client. I cannot browse web pages from the client using ICS when connected to the VPN in the U.S. Also, when I attempt to connect my XBOX360 to XBOXLIVE via ICS when connected to VPN, I get a 'DNS FAILED.....DNS Lookup Status... A DNS server could not be reached....Please verify the DNS settings for this network configuration'.

You may ask, why connect to the VPN to connect to xboxlive. I purchased content via xboxlive, while I was in the states. However, my XBOX malfunctioned in Iraq & I shipped it back then I received a new one. I attempted to retrieve my purchased content to my new xbox & received a 'Content is not available at your location' message. I called Xbox support, only to receive a 'Sorry, wait till you return to the states in 8 months' response.


Based on my situation, would connecting my XBOX through ICS to my U.S VPN tag my XBOX ip as originating within the US & allow me to retrieve my purchased content in Iraq?? In other words, even if your xboxlive account is setup with U.S credentials, xboxlive is now restricting content based on where you physically connect to there network. Hence, i'm exploring the possibility of the xbox connecting to xboxlive using a pc which routes the xbox traffic to a US VPN or proxy which reports as a U.S ip to xboxlive thus granting me access to the content services.

Also, I'm thinking about setting up linux to tunnel but I don't know if it's a viable option. The Xbox uses port UDP 88, 3074 & TCP 3074. If anyone has any suggestions or solutions that would make this work, please feel free to help. It's frustrating here and a solution would definitely make life easier.

To summarize, when connecting to Xboxlive, is it possible to spoof my ip to report as originating within the U.S. If possible, what steps should be taken to achieve this ?????
Thanks in advance!

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    Will I break 10 posts?

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Posted 17 June 2007 - 07:28 PM

I enabled the 'enable default gateway on remote network' & i connected to the vpn which generated my client U.S ip address & successful dns lookup. However, the xbox mtu verification is failing. I reduced it to 1492 (originally 1500) & 1364 but mtu failure continues on the xbox.........any1 could offer a solution to my mtu problem ??

P.S I connect to the internet via a speedstream 5200 dsl (the xbox as well) & the vpn server is in the U.S which uses the motorola surfboard sbv5120 cable modem via optimum online ISP.

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