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Posted 28 October 2003 - 10:39 PM

hal asked about telemarketing companies with several contracts having a "master customer list" or seperate "call lists" per contract.

i did a stint for a telemarketing company a couple of summers ago and they had several contracts with several companies. they had several options on the computer that was used by the employees as they were making calls, and one of them, my favourite, was the "I do not want any more calls from (insert callcenter name here)". that option purged the called persons number from every list that callcenter has.

unfortunately i didn't get one person over the 2 months i worked there, asking to be removed from the callcenters list. it would've been pretty cool as that option required a supervisor to come over and enter in a confirmation that the called party actually asked not to be called by the company i was working for.

so finally i have to say that for something fun to do to telemarketers if like voodoohal you end up getting 7 calls in one day and you know a single company is calling you, you just have to interupt the annoying telemarketer and ask them if they are calling you from a callcenter, and what the name of that call center is, finally asking that you never want to be called from them again emphasizing the name of that callcenter just so there's no confusion. it's a bit more effective than hanging up, at least thats the impression i was given..

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Posted 28 October 2003 - 11:25 PM

Thanks, this is exactly the type of information I was looking for. I just wish I had the patience to actually ask them to not call me. Here is an excert from 99% of telemarketer calls I get:
"Hello, Mr. Vooduhal. I'm calling today to ..."
Vooduhal: <Click>

or most of the time:

Call Rep: "Hello, Mr. Vooduhal. I would just like ..."
Vooduhal: "I've got giant nuts. Would you like to see them? Ah, come on you know you want to see them. Please!!!! Doesn't anyone want to see my giant nuts?!?!!??!?!?"
Call Rep: <Click>

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