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310 exchanges

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#1 unity


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Posted 09 September 2006 - 05:38 PM

Lately I have been making a lot of calls through different networks to 310 exchanges across the country. 310 exchanges are used in Canada for AIN (Advanced Intelligent Network) features. That's why I made that other thread asking about Bellsouth's ZipCONNECT. ZipCONNECT is (was?) also an AIN exchange, 203/204 in Bellsouth territory. But I don't know much about it. If you know anything about it, hit up that other thread, yeah.

First off, there are many ways to dial 310 calls in Edmonton.


As you may have noticed, you can dial 310 calls as 7 digits, prefixed with a toll digit. Normal Edmonton 7-digit numbers can be dialed as "0+NXX-XXXX". However, as far as I know, 310 is the only exchange that can be dialed with a 1+, as in "1+310-XXXX". It seems silly to me to allow such a permissive dialing plan. I would think that Telus would incur additional costs by both having to strip the toll digit to place the call, and allowing both seven and ten-digit dialing formats. Oh well, I guess it's their money, not mine.

As far as I can tell, 310 exchanges are unified within a province. So, 403-310-1010 and 780-310-1010 would both be owned by Pizza Hut, for example. This leads to some interesting situations when dialing 310 numbers prefaced with an NPA other than your own. For example, I could dial "1+403-310-1010", and I would be greeted with a recording telling me "Your local call is proceeding. There is no need to dial long distance. Thank you from Telus." Then, I'd get a Not-In-Service recording.

Dialing 310 numbers through Carrier Access codes also yeild interesting results. Attempting to dial something such as "1010323-1-780-310-2345" will result in your call being intercepted at the thousands block, and a " Your local call is proceeding" message, followed by a Cannot-Be-Completed-As-Dialed message. Similarly, dialing "1010323-0-310-0000" will result in a "Your local call is proceeding" message, followed by a Not-In-Service message. Both of those dial strings would work if not dialed through a CAC. I'm pretty sure that it was intentional that 310 stuff not be dialable through CACs.

Calls do not route properly to 310 destinations outside of the caller's province. I live in Alberta, if I wanted to call, say, 310 in Ontario, my call would not complete properly. Typically, I would get a tandem intercept of some sort when attempting to call a 310 number outside of my province. There seems to be a few patterns when dialing 310 numbers in provinces other than mine. When calling an NPA that is part of an overlay, using Bell as your long-distance carrier, one NPA in the overlay seems to intercept locally, and the other NPA generally intercepts remotely. Also, when I get a local “Cannot Be Completed As Dialed” intercept when calling through 1010323-1+, I will usually get a 780-7 intercept when calling through 1010323-0+.

I'll post a link later to the results of me placing a call to every 310 exchange in each NPA across Canada.

Anyways, comments?

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#2 bjinx


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Posted 09 September 2006 - 06:27 PM

do a search on google "bellsouth zipconnect" listing from www.crtc.gc.ca view as HTML seems the .DOC page is invaild but you can still get some when you select html page has some info (not sure if you have it already)

#3 unity


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Posted 09 September 2006 - 06:34 PM

Already seen it, thanks anyways. I was more hoping for responses from people who had used it personally.

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Posted 10 September 2006 - 12:56 AM

Quite an interesting way of doing things, I've heard of a similar exchange on 780 in BellSouth territory, but while I was there, I never got anything aside from a local Not In Service message when I dialed anything on that exchange. Unfortunately, my LEC doesn't seem to have anything like this to the best of my knowledge. Can you get more in depth as to how you found these exchanges and what's on them?

#5 unity


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Posted 10 September 2006 - 11:27 AM

Well, I really didn't "find" the exchange. The numbers are advertised all over the place. Pizza places, fast food delivery, government offices, and a few businesses use them. What I didn't mention is that they are toll-free across the province. 310-anything charges the party who owns the number, 10 cents per use.

Also something I forgot to mention in the previous post. If you dial a number in the 310 NPA (as in 1-310-NXX-XXXX) too slowly, you'll end up calling a local 310 number, like 310-XXXX. :)

#6 invision620


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Posted 13 September 2006 - 10:07 AM

since i miss greyarea:

this is some crazy phjeerness.

/me thinks lucky and greyarea should come back.

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