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The Rant - August issue

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#1 Captain B

Captain B

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Posted 29 August 2003 - 10:35 AM

The Rant - By Captain B
August's topic: Free thinking individualism

As anyone who knows me well enough can attest to, I'm not exactly your standard-fare "conventional" type thinker. In fact, I pride myself on trying to think more unconventional than others. Thinking conventionally is just another form of conforming to mainstream society's idea of what's considered to be "normal", or "politically correct", or simply "the right way", or whatever. And, that's the last thing I want to do. Only by thinking more unconventionally can one hope to free oneself from the mindless masses "sheep" type mentality. It doesn't truly take a bit of courage, or dedication to a cause to be a follower, but it does take those things to be a good leader. And remember, It's not an absolute requirement to go along with every last thing you're told you should back by faceless big government, big corporations, or anyone else in positions of power. Now, the big problem with being a free-thinking non-conformist is that you tend to get labeled unpleasant things. Insubordinate, unpatriotic, and trouble maker are but a few of many things you can get labeled as. Both by the "sheep", and by the powers that be. But, let's face it, nobody ever said thinking unconventionally or being a free-thinking non-conforming individualist would be easy. After all, such thinking seems to have a tendency to make those in charge feel a bit uneasy. But, the truth of the matter is that such lables are conjured up to try to justify their cruel, unfair persecutions of such people. It's nothing particulalry new either, unfortunately. In fact, It's eerily reminiscent of the treatment that the "hippies" got in the late 1960's when they refused to back the Vietnam war. What this tells me is that our government sees the masses as nothing more than a tool. Whether it be as a tool to fund wars as lowly Joe Taxpayer, or as the one to enforce their will fighting in a war directly, as G.I. Shmoe. And, also in peace time, the desires of the wealthy and powerful still seem to take precedence over the needs of the poor. And recently, Attorney General John Ashcroft defended the Patriot Act. To make a long story short, he made it sound necessary and good. But, the question remains, if It's such a good piece of legislation like they claim, then why has it become necessary to defend it? (As if I didn't know). The truth of the matter is that It's neither necessary, nor good, to invade the privacy of American citizens supposedly for the sake of fighting terrorism. For those with roughly half a brain, this false pretense shouldn't be exceptionally hard to figure out. For others, they'll wrap themselves in the flag, and all the patriotic rhetoric nonsense, and point the finger of blame at me, and those like me, who happen to speak up a bit too much for their liking. And, they'll say stupid crap like, "Move to Iraq". Well, since the right to free speech is an American right, and since they don't seem to be interested in everyone having equal right to free speech, perhaps they should consider packing up and moving to somewhere else. You see, some of us would rather try to fix what's wrong rather than simply go on believing that all is copasetic, like they want us to believe. By the way, flying yellow ribbons and hanging signs in your window saying "We support our troops" is all well and good, but a far more practical way to show you support the troops is to protest for the
government to send them back home here, where they'll be safe with friends and family, rather than keep them over there in harm's way where they risk getting hurt or killed. And, if you must send troops to this, or any other war, how about at least sending some of those mega gung-ho, macho man's man, "love it, or leave it" types? After all, they're the ones that seem to be all for this war, and for keeping the troops in harm's way. So, It's only right that these morons be made to participate in the war mongering they seem to love so much. While we're at it, why
not send some of the arrogant, overbearing, 3 piece suit wearing, wealthy old farts we call "politicians", seeing as how they're also for endless war mongering. (Which of course, is particularly the case since they have no need to worry about being in harm's way, since they're not over there). In closing, I just simply don't like these dark times we live in, or the Jerry Springer show audience type mentality we now have in America. And, I also don't like how politicians have been contributing to all the problems and paranoia, while telling people to go on with their lives, and to not live in fear. It's just more of the double-talking, dual standards, and hypocrisy politicians are infamous for. If only we could return to better days in America. I sure wish it were so.

#2 Captain B

Captain B

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Posted 29 August 2003 - 10:40 AM

BTW... if you'd like to respond back about my opion column to me via Email, or would like to have my monthly opinion column Emailed to you, then drop me some mail at captain_b@oldskoolphreak.com

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Posted 01 September 2003 - 11:40 AM

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