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#21 White_Raven


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Posted 02 September 2003 - 11:04 PM

Another thing to look into: he says unix dies in 2038.. John's mission here was to obtain a computer that was needed in 2036 to fix a series of problems with old code. He mentioned a UNIX 2038 bug that does exist.

heres why:

Thats right, even Microsoft knows of this:

Anyone want to start a petition for linux to change this? or has it already been done?

#22 Dox


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Posted 04 September 2003 - 09:47 PM

cool y2.038k

#23 hacnslash


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Posted 05 September 2003 - 07:29 PM

what about the fact that 64 bit computing is just around the corner?! wouldn't that extend this 2038 deadline?!

by the way, i think this john whatthefuck is full of crap. by 2015 there won't be any need of a world war since people are gonna take over their own countries from all these pseudo-democratic governments and turn politics into what it should be doing: helping the common man.

#24 decoder


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Posted 05 September 2003 - 11:37 PM

This is definitely some interesting stuff. I don't know if I buy everything about this John Titor guy, but I believe time travel is possible, if not probable. I recall a qoute (I forgot who said it), "not only is the universe stranger than you imagine, it is stranger than you CAN imagine". Time as we know it is merely just the way we are perceiving things on this particular wavelength (dimension). When you sleep at night, your dreams are a form of time travel, because you may know of something before it happens (psychic dreams)...it is not a preminition because the wavelength (dimension) that you dream in, time may not 'act' the same as it does here. Anyone here who is familiar with various religious books may have read stories about dreams containing glimpses of the future. (the bible is littered with this stuff) Also, anyone familiar with the work of Steven Hawking may know of something called "time dilation", as in the faster something (or someone) travels, the slower time passes by (according to their perception). Basically if you were to build a spaceship that went just barely the speed of light, and you left earth today in that ship at that speed, and came back in a year, the time that passed on earth would be MUCH, MUCH more than a year (im not sure of the exact number but probably about 1000 years). So there you have it, time travel is possible and probable, but in the same breath, John Titor is possibly and probably a fraud, but interesting nonetheless.

*for anyone who was confused when i spoke of wavelengths and dimensions, here is an excerpt from a book called "Nothing in This Book is True, but its Exactly How Things Are" by Bob Frissell
*(the title of this book is kind of an inside joke, it is non-fiction)

All dimensional levels of this world are here and present right now and interlinked. the only difference between dimensional worlds is their wavelength. Wavelength is the key to the entire Universe. We live in a reality created solely by wavelength. The wavelength of our third-dimensional world is 7.23 centimeters.
Dimensions are seperated from one another by wavelength in eactly the same way as the notes are on a musical scale. Each tone on the scale sounds different because of its wavelength. Any octave onthe piano has eight white keys and five black keys, which together give its player the chromatic scale. The thirteenth note is actually the first note of the next octave, and these octaves keep repeating themselves in either direction. In beween each note and the next are twelve harmonic, holographic points; in dimensional terms these are the overtones. It is also the same as changing channels on a TV set. When you operate the channel control, you are tuning to different wavelengths.

#25 v90


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Posted 06 September 2003 - 09:42 AM

The thing is going at the Speed of Light is impossible because the closer you get the more you weigh, lets say you and the ship weigh 100 pounds, at 10 percent you will 150, and by the time you get to light you're infinity... Since infinity is mathemitcally impossibly so is time travel in that way, I too believe in Time Travel but not in that certain way of doing it...

The 2038 bug could be fixed by fux0ring with libs, correct? So why don't people start modifying them right now?

#26 GUEST_TechJD_***

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Posted 11 September 2003 - 01:52 PM

Great Story, Enteraining but all a hoaks
he messed up on several points
these were taken from another board he posted to that is now on
the IRC part taken from

My first experience with war came when I joined a shotgun infantry unit at the age of thirteen.
In the 4 years I served as a "rebel",

Outright open fighting was common by then and I joined a shotgun infantry unit in 2011.
I served with the "Fighting Diamondbacks" for about 4 years

In my 2012, I was 14 years old spending most of my time living, running and hiding in
the woods and rivers of central Florida. The civil war was in its 7th year

The civil war in the United States will start in 2004.
There is a civil war in the United States that starts in 2005.

The first "leg" of my trip was from 2036 to 1975. After two VGL checks, the divergence was estimated at about 2.5% (from my 2036). I was "sent" to get an IBM computer system called the 5100. It was one the first portable computers made and it has the ability to read the older IBM programming languages in addition to APL and Basic. We need they system to "debug" various legacy computer programs in 2036. UNIX has a problem in 2038.
On this board didnt he say Model 5110

in webchat he says he cant give investment info for fear of takein $$$ from those that would get it now
1. I will not disclose any information that will cause someone to personally gain by its knowledge. This means no stock or sports tips.
2. I will not disclose any detailed information that would allow someone to avoid death by probability. This means no earthquake or bombing information.
3. I will not disclose any information that may compromise any future actions by individual people or threaten their family and well-being.
in MIRC he says this
TimeTravel_0 : Go north.
TimeTravel_0 : Invest in hydrogen fuel cells
G° : goodnight Yareisa
Yareisa : goodnight G
Yareisa : thanks for staying up so early!
G° : thanks again TT, goodnight
G° : LOL
TimeTravel_0 : good night

in web chat he says he cant say what happens in 2012
inMIRC he says this
G° : what happens in December 2012?
wyrmkin_37 : i saw it the good guys were called shadow?
G° : anything?
TimeTravel_0 : Ahhh..the acient miayn prohecies.
G° : the very same
TimeTravel_0 :
wyrmkin_37 : mayans
TimeTravel_0 : sorry
wyrmkin_37 : ?
TimeTravel_0 : Nothing happens...but there is a nuclear war in 2015.

#27 White_Raven


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Posted 11 September 2003 - 06:50 PM

so he had some compassion..nothing wrong with that.

#28 hacnslash


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Posted 11 September 2003 - 06:55 PM

hey, this is all interesting.....its a basic human instinct to deny the unbelievable...just think what it might mean if....lets say HALF of what he says is true?! well, gentlemen we might very well have a civil war on our hands in couple of years....goddamit, this interferes with my plans for an athlon64 box!! GODDAMIT!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

#29 GUEST_TechJD_***

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Posted 11 September 2003 - 10:48 PM

if his story was consisent then I would have an easyer time beleiveing him
but like the age at 13 he join a unit and fought for 4 years but at 14 he was running and playin in fl

#30 White_Raven


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Posted 16 September 2003 - 03:33 AM

if his story was consisent then I would have an easyer time beleiveing him
but like the age at 13 he join a unit and fought for 4 years but at 14 he was running and playin in fl

What refferences are you using?

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