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Internet security, Spyware, and computer performace..

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#1 GarrettGoesBoom


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Posted 01 August 2006 - 11:18 AM

I'm looking for some good quality free programs for gereral virus security, spyware protection, and stuff that can help performance for my computer. For security I have Norton (which works), Ad-Aware (which doesn't do squat anymore other than pick out a tracking cookie), Spybot(which has never ever found anything since ive had it, though it tells me good programs are somehow viruses), and the aol spyware scanner (which will catch one every once in a while). As for performance, I found someone's link to a program called TuneUp Utilities thing and that works amazing. Were their any recomendations on free, safe, and actually usefull programs that could replace some of mine?

#2 Rodga Da Shruba

Rodga Da Shruba


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Posted 01 August 2006 - 12:33 PM

it they work for u it doesnt matter what else is out there... i use the same stuff...

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#3 Rightcoast


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Posted 01 August 2006 - 12:37 PM

Ad-Aware SE free, SpywareBlaster, AVG Free Anti-virus, a² (a-squared) free edition, IE SPY-AD if you use IE and SpywareGuard are free as in no-cost, and as good or better than anything else, including Norton. After 2003 that is a huge resource hog anyway.

Your anti-malware software "not doing squat" is a good thing, and can probably be chalked up to safe browsing habits.

I suppose that took 15 more seconds than typing "Google it". Enough "Google it" people!

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#4 vardor



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Posted 01 August 2006 - 01:02 PM

I'm glad your cautious when it comes to catching internet std's. I work in a small mom and pop computer shop and thats 90% of what we do is cleaning machines of net nastys. Theres a definet art to it. Even though a scanner may not find anything... thats good, because if it's a well known scanner with a large library of things to look for like spybot then that means more than likely you don't have any infections. I don't really care for any big name security suites like n0rton internet security, due to them being resource hogs but i do like the n0rton standalone antivirus scanner. I would stear clear from mccafee because it never works right and you say no to the wrong thing and it blocks your internet connection. So i'd stick with n0rton if you already have it. I would defienetly try http://www.ewido.net/en/download/ it is free to try but i always run this first on a machine it seems to catch things most popular scanners don't. If you want a good online virus scanners you can try http://www.trendmicr...tro/default.asp and http://www.pandasoft.../ActiveScan.htm i use the trend micro home version which is the best security suite i've ever come across and is very low on resources in my opinion. If you tell the panda scan you live in australia for instance it will clean viruses rather than just telling you what the infections are. They disabled cleaning u.s. computers for some reason go figure. Theres always spywareblaster which runs in the background and blocks some nastys http://www.javacools.../downloads.html If you have a legit copy of Xp you can always try M$ defender http://www.microsoft...re/default.mspx I always run cleanup http://www.stevengou...p/download.html because it's a very simple cookie/temp file cleaning program. Those are only a few i use when cleaning a machine i run anywhere from 30-50 scanners/cleaners to make sure nothings hanging around. If you do get an infection always try and delete it through add/remove programs in safe mode and then delete the folder in program files. I always run cleanup after every couple of scans. I'll link some more with a minor description feel free to use what you want. I always tell customers that you need 1 and only 1 active updated virus scanner and atleast 1 active and updated spyware/adware blocker/cleaner.

Free antiviruses:
Prolly the best and most through out there but is the most resource intensive

This is the the one i always install on customer computers once there totally clean works really well

Online virus scanners:
Very handy always worth running

They have a really in depth active scanner - does take a while

Other tools worth having in the aresnal:
BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU RUN THIS BECAUSE IT CAN RENDER A MACHINE UNBOOTABLE!!! Hijackthis is not for beginners but can show you infections and bits and pieces to remove manually that got left behind

Smit fraud remover aka spyware sheriff,spyassasin,winhound,etc...

Fixes registry issues and does in depth cleanup a must after cleaning any kind of infection

Thats all i can really think of at the moment there are tons more on my pen drive but these are the most popular and the ones i swear by. Like i said theres an art to cleaning a machine, and no one scanner/cleaner/blocker removes and prevents everything out there. Sorry for such a long post but if anyone has any questions feel free to pm me, always here to help.

#5 Kn1ghtl0rd


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Posted 01 August 2006 - 03:25 PM

Use linux.

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