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Brainwashed celebs

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#1 paracord


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Posted 08 November 2002 - 03:39 PM

Just caught a the end of a commercial on MTV with brittney spears, ja-rule, and various others in music, switching from one to another it was saying "Downloading illegal music is the same thing as going in to a store and stealing a cd, the way we see it is black or white, either you pay for it or you steal it."

Man the RIAA is really pushing it's agenda. From cartoons to commercials to laws passed just for them, it's really fucked up.

The really scary part is that mainstream america will see their favorite pop/rap/bullshit singers preaching this garbage and get behind these nonsense campaigns that they no nothing about.

:puke: RIAA

#2 StankDawg


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Posted 08 November 2002 - 03:58 PM

They probably only get .02 cents out of every dollar sold and the records execs get the other .98 and they just think that they are losing their .02 cents.

If they could learn that using different forms of distribution would net them .75 cents of every dollar sold then I 'll bet they would change their tune. (Oops, unintentional PUN :blush: )

#3 nick84



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Posted 08 November 2002 - 04:25 PM

On the theme of music sharing etc, I saw two articles on the register (uk edition) about what StankDawg was saying on universities getting emails etc. - Cant seem to find the links at the moment though :(

On a sort of related point, I just moved campuses at my Uni’ and was very disappointed to discover the new computer system reasonably locked up :( Which really annoys me - they are seriously cutting down student productivity by doing that! but it does meant there will not be much illegal file sharing going on there, so I guess its worth it …

#4 holy_handgrenade



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Posted 08 November 2002 - 06:58 PM

Sorry to mention this here, but it's sort of related.

The RIAA/MPAA sending out threats that activities of users on thier networks can hold the network owners/operators legally liable?

Back in da day, I used to work for an ISP which I was proud to work for (Mindspring) I remember lots of stuff going on about that time, because of all the Napster hype going on.

I thought there was a supreme court ruling that set precident that owners/operators of networks were not held legally liable and were not at any obligation to spend resources to track/monitor activity on thier networks. This was big news at the time. But I wonder what happened with that.

#5 kleptic


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Posted 08 November 2002 - 07:55 PM

i listen to mostly indie type music.. artists that just want their music out regardless of how you get it. i wish more artists and musicians would be willing to spread their music out and not worry about "getting ripped off." I mean, they're already rich.. rich people never have to pay for anything.. they get clothes for free, cars for free, pretty much anything for free. So if they want to cry cause some college kid is downloading some Ja Rule song.. boo hoo.. go cry. They make all their money from concert and merchandise sales anway.. they get like 8 cents per cd. so is it really that big of a deal?

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