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knoppix n00bie

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#1 Tank


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Posted 03 August 2003 - 07:32 PM

ok i downloaded knoppix and it saw in my laptop all me drivers but my nic i've studied so much stuff this weekend and cant file all of it in my head correctly
but i thought i herd of a way to download drivers on a floppy and load other configs to the floppy and boot your distro and have it load the driver is this true or iam i just hight on effedren :blink:

#2 bland_inquisitor


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Posted 03 August 2003 - 09:15 PM

the big thing with knoppix 3.2 is the ability to save your settings on a floppy or mem stick, and then next time you boot knoppix (live, not from HDD) you can use the settings you saved as opposed to having to reconfigure every time. I dont know how the driver thing would work out, my knowlege of nix drivers is pathetic, but if they're small enough to fit on a floppy, im sure you could persuade knoppix to load them instead of the ones it auto-configs. You should only need to do this if knoppix incorrectly identifies your harware. If you find a driver you want knoppix to use instead of the one it picks for you, it would be a matter of finding the one you want to use, and making knoppix use it off of /mnt/floppy. If you have net access with knoppix, a good idea would be to get a root shell and then

apt-get update

*tons of output*


apt-get upgrade

*tell it "y" when it asks you if you want to upgrade all the packages*

*massive amounts of output*

This will update all your programs, and your kernel, to the latest versions.

*plug plug* This will also upgrade your version of kismet, for full details, see the new edition of "Binary Revolution" shipping soon ;)

#3 Tank


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Posted 07 August 2003 - 08:12 PM

ok i just installed mandrake 9.1 is the driver for redhat ones that would work in mandrake i know in windows 95 would not work with 2000 but iam new to linux and right now i love mandrake its very user frindly to the n00bie :roll:

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