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orinoco gold + gentoo

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#1 sw1gger



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Posted 22 July 2003 - 08:42 PM

I really have no idea how to install this sucker... can anyone give me a step by step or something?

#2 dual


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Posted 25 July 2003 - 07:20 PM

Having never used gentoo, maybe ask BoBB how to set up a regular NIC and then combine that with Orinoco howto's on the web.

#3 threeway



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Posted 25 August 2003 - 02:59 PM

Using an orinoco with Gentoo is very easy (I use it myself)

These very simple steps apply, if, and only if, you are using the pcmcia-cs package. If you are not, well, it should still be fairly simple.

First, the pre-requisite for pcmcia-cs is that, in your kernel, PCMCIA support is OFF.
Under Network Device Support, Wireless LAN (non-hamradio) should be a YES, but NO drivers under it should be included.

make dep && make clean bzImage modules modules_install

mount /boot (as Gentoo by default doesn't mount it)
copy the bzImage to /boot (since you are testing, it doesn't hurt to make it something like /boot/bzImage-test and then modify your grub.conf (or lilo.conf) to point to show that up on the menu as well)

(This assumes using gentoo-sources) - if you are using 2.6, you have to use the kernel pcmcia drivers.

Then you emerge pcmcia-cs, which applies the shmoo patch for enabling monitor mode with the orinoco gold. after that, reboot, as to try out the new kernel, and your orinoco should be recognized.

Emerge wireless-tools, and you should get the iw* tools.


#4 threeway



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Posted 25 August 2003 - 06:11 PM

Oh, I might add, I don't actually use gentoo-sources, the steps are the same, unless you are using development sources, or need the pcmcia modules in the kernel.

I personally use ac-sources, as gentoo-sources causes a kernel panic when I enable apm or acpi, so *shrug*

My laptop is an old Dell Latitude CPx, so, luckily though, everything is supported in linux ( go Dell! )

#5 Zapperlink


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Posted 26 August 2003 - 10:12 AM

Hmmm no pcmcia support? Wouldnt that go against the slot support that handles the orinoco card? Seems odd to me thats all.

#6 threeway



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Posted 26 August 2003 - 03:21 PM

No, the support itself isn't handled in the kernel, pcmcia-cs package handles the script to load all the modules.

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