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A visit from the Doctor

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#1 GodH8sMe


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Posted 01 November 2002 - 12:31 AM

Ran into Stefan Puffer today (aka : DrSuSE). He had some interesting things to say.

--> DrSuSE has joined
[DrSuSE> werd
[C4> DrSuSE!!
[fbsd1> wow
[DrSuSE> what's up
[fbsd1> the doc is still kickin
[C4> Not much. Just crawled out of bed and over to the desk.
[DrSuSE> always
[fbsd1> heh
[DrSuSE> cool
[DrSuSE> so what's new
[fbsd1> you still doin security stuff DrSuSE ?
[DrSuSE> yes, as a matter of fact that's why I'm he
[DrSuSE> I'm starting a new project, a ramdisk linux distro called Air Linux
[DrSuSE> waiting on sourceforge to approve it
[fbsd1> DrSuSE: do it with freebsd
[DrSuSE> uh...no
[fbsd1> and why not ?
[DrSuSE]> because I like linux
[alphageek> niche market? :)
[DrSuSE> have you guys seen warlinux?
[fbsd1> sounds cool anyway
[fbsd1> nope
[DrSuSE> your not missing much, it's gay
[DrSuSE> some snapper head at www.wardriving.com came up with it
[amrit> heh
[fbsd1> snapper head ?
[DrSuSE> ya
[fbsd1> thats a new one i'll have to try wearing out
[amrit> sup DrSuSE
[DrSuSE> not much amrit, how are you
[fbsd1> so wtf is the deal with warlinux ?
[fbsd1> besides being gay
[DrSuSE> is a ramdisk linux distro used by war drivers
[DrSuSE> has fome wireless tools
[C4> Yeah, I've seen it.
[amrit> DrSuSE: i'm good. just gonna try to get to sleep early tonight, doubt i'll be able to..
[DrSuSE> and a gay splash screen
[C4> I think you're missing a good use for it.
[C4> What if you have to run Windows on your laptop, and have a smallish harddrive.
[C4> "gay splash screen" or not, it'll be very handy.
* C4 plays Devil's Advocate
[DrSuSE> Air Linux is going to be geared toward wireless networking but will offer more than warlinux. It's main purpose is to run Fake AP by Black Alchemy
[C4> ...and assuming you don't want to use NetStumbler
[DrSuSE> it will also have the usual shit like dsniff, kismet..etc and it will also function as a regular wireless access point
[DrSuSE> or you can switch into honeypot mode
[C4> DrSuSE: Mind if I spread this around to a few people who will be really interested in the project?
[DrSuSE> host_ap drivers will be loaded as a module
[DrSuSE> please do
[fbsd1> really
[fbsd1> ?
[DrSuSE> yup
[fbsd1> feds and all ?
[DrSuSE> it's really only one count but the us attorney didnt know how to write it up so they did it two different ways
[DrSuSE> ya
[DrSuSE> I had a fed party at the house last april
[DrSuSE> 8 fbi agents and 12 regular cops
[fbsd1> isn't that special
[DrSuSE> took all my shit
[C4> DrSuSE: going to be airlinux.com?
[DrSuSE> no
[DrSuSE> airlinux.org
[DrSuSE> you know me, I dont go for that .com shit
[DrSuSE> heh
[amrit> heh
[C4> You know.. I realized that after I said it...
* amrit is a .net man
[DrSuSE> .com's are retarded
[DrSuSE> but I do own www.chillinthemost.com
[DrSuSE> check it out
[amrit> haha
[DrSuSE> I figured since the feds still have my drsuse.org server I would return the favor and link tranny trick to them

Sorry I couldn't get more info, I had to get ready for work, but hopefully AirLinux.org will be up soon and we can all check it out.

#2 dual


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Posted 01 November 2002 - 08:30 AM

Can't wait for AirLinux. Props to DrSuSE.

#3 StankDawg


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Posted 01 November 2002 - 10:49 AM

man, he would be GREAT to get involved here...

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