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Announcement: BinRev is now hosted by "An Honest Host" at anhonesthost.com

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BinRev is now hosted by "An Honest Host"

Why? The reason is in the name of the company. While lunarpages has been good to us, they were moving in a direction where we felt that we weren't getting the attention that we needed. They were very REACTIVE to problems and I like to be PROACTIVE about problems. Things like SPAM and DoS attacks are constant for us just like any other site. When I see symptoms, I like to nip it in the bud. I do not want to wait until the problem is too big before having to create a ticket for someone to, eventually, take action.

"An Honest Host" takes a more proactive stance. They proactively look for problems and THEY contact US to help look after OUR best interests. This catches attacks and SPAM problem early which not only helps prevent us getting blacklisted, but also lightens the load on our servers while the attack is taking place. All of these things lead to better performance and batter reliability.

Not only is this site hosted on their servers, but so are many of our others. It is very difficult for our small group of volunteers to do all of the maintenance work for all of our sites and maintain the server itself. "An Honest Host" maintains our server by fully managing the underlying OS and infrastructure but they also have custom solutions to help update various CMS and other software that many of our other sites use. This lightens to load on us tremendously and leads to a more secure server for all of us. It is a WIN-WIN situation.

So far, things are off to a great start and I have full confidence that they will only get better from here.


BinRev is hosted by the great people at Lunarpages!