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Announcement: BinRev is now hosted by LunarPages

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For the past few months, we ran into a little problem with our hosting that required us to move to a new hosting company. This is always a huge hassle. Let me explain why...

1) A lot of companies don't allow our type of content. They don't understand that we do not support black hat hacking activities and balk at the mere mention of the "H-word". This alone eliminates 80%-90% of options.
2) We have some high ranking sites that need a lot of power and a lot of bandwidth. We cannot use shared hosting and we have almost outgrown dedicated hosting simply due to price since servers that are high end enough to handle our needs are expensive.
3) We need managed hosting. I made this change a long time ago when binrev grew beyond my breadth of knowledge and abilities. I am not a sysadmin and keeping binrev up and running became a full time job (and I already have one of those).

Well, after spending some time contacting hosting companies and trying to find a place that would have us and still give us the service that we needed, I had narrowed it down to a short list. Then, one company leaped to the front of the line...that company was lunarpages.

Why did they jump to the top of the list? Actually, for several reasons...

1) Not only did they understand what we were about and supported our cause, they actually supported us and wanted to HELP the site to grow. They weren't just trying to get a client, they were genuinely interested in us. Not many companies actually CARE about the customers like that.
2) To meet our needs, they offered a custom solution that far exceeded our needs. We are now moving into "the cloud" which gives us boatloads of flexibility for our hardware needs at a much more manageable cost. They offer all types of windows or linux hosting from basic shared hosting, to dedicated servers and co-location services, to numerous cloud offerings including private cloud services similar to what we are using now. These guys can do ANYTHING and I was blown away with how flexible they were!
3) We are once again fully managed with a full-time system administrator available 24/7 for any problems that arise. We have had system management services for a few years now, but anyone who has even used this service before knows that management is extremely hit and miss. Most companies hide behind ticketing system and their goal it to close a ticket as quickly as possible. They don't care if they fix the actual problem if they can just do the bare minimum. The guys that I have been working with throughout this server move have been completely competent, enthusiastic to help, and spent far more time than I ever expected to get the job done.

We have a custom, private cloud with a full time administrator who worked closely with me for the past few weeks to explain our setup and needs to him. We both had task lists and things to do and as I was doing mine, he was hard at work doing his and I was the one who was falling behind. This is when a beautiful thing happened. He stepped in and did a lot of the move for me! I told him that I was tied up with my real job and had not gotten time to back up the sites and move them over, and he went ahead (with my permission of course) and did the move for me! These guys are motivated and want to help! I cannot speak highly enough about the team at lunarpages.

If you are seeing this message, it means that we are up and running at lunarpages. Huge thanks to the team there and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs hosting. They have low-end shared hosting at very reasonable prices and dedicated servers and higher end options also at very reasonable prices. Throw in my highest praise for their service and I can tell you that I have NEVER in all of my years in these crazy tubes of the interwebs been as impressed with a hosting company.

You can click on any of the links in this post to go to lunarpages with our affiliate code. I am sure that you will be as happy as we are. And if you need proof of their abilities, look at the speed of our downloads, how much peppier our servers are wit the huge increase in memory and CPU power. The proof is right here on our site.

BinRev is hosted by the great people at Lunarpages!