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  • Submitted: Jan 16 2010 09:27 PM
  • Last Updated: Jan 16 2010 09:27 PM
  • File Size: 13.25MB
  • Views: 425
  • Downloads: 141
  • Original Release Date: 2004-04-20
  • Hosts: StankDawg & Rax

Download Binary Revolution Radio - 042 - Google Gmail (Part 2)

- - - - -

Chocolate milk, email, mailblocks.com, Rax turns Stank on (Doesn't everyone?), portknocking.org, wartyping.com, props to Matthew Broderick, Wargames, Wartyping is fun, Stank's dead connection and his bad girl computer, email from South Africa, Stank gets a beer, n00bie slot, please abuse the archive, dual is our friend, there is a lot of turning on in this episode (Isn't there always?), radio may not always be the best media, the mag for n00bs, video medium, email headers, compression, Google toolbar distributed project, hey grandma, email forwarding, Stank gets on the soapbox, P2P saves bandwidth!, information gathering, riaa/mpaa information gathering, privacy, insecure protocols, 24-bit encrypted email, what constitues personally identifiable information (p.i.i.), is an ip address is pii?, social security numbers = pii, tattooing socials on baby feet, 4 meg yahoo limit, Stank's is 6, g-men, never mix cheese and chocolate = worst combination ever, three letter agency, protect Google or the public, the patriot act is not patriotic.

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