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  • Submitted: Jan 15 2010 03:08 PM
  • Last Updated: Jan 15 2010 03:08 PM
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  • Original Release Date: 2003-11-11
  • Hosts: StankDawg & Rax

Download Binary Revolution Radio - 019 - Matrix: Revolutions

- - - - -

*Spoiler Alert*: if you have not seen the Matrix:Revolutions, you might not want to listen to this episode! happy veteran's day and thanks to all veterans, defcon - party all night, learning all day, security/hacker conferences, spot the fed, HL2 took 3 weeks to "get", eggshell defense, it's pretty much public domain now..., urban exploration IS NOT trespassing ;), Marvin the Martian, Stank isn't black (or is he?), gallery pimp, Stank has been codin' like a fiend, Oracle programming, Stank getting people's personal medical records, Dr. Joe Doe, Rax been busy, train the trainer, you must keep up with the world, Rax's 2600 meeting meets, shift-key copy protection loophole, dual tried to get them to come to the meeting, 2600 meeting presentations, from 0 people to 15 people, n00bs welcome at 2600 meetings, go with a friend, be friendly and open, share information, Matrix:Revolutions review, no shouts to Stank's friends, religious undertones, there's a lot of freaky s**t in this series, Stank gets into the movie, yells at the screen (it's alright man, i'm the same), damn purists, Rax plays the Matrix game which has lots of extra material, The Matrix is an immersive experience, they better not make a tv series out of it!, the mechs kicked @$$, beautiful, props to Neo - the ultimate hacker, shouts to Stank's 2600, shouts to decoder, shouts to Rax's 2600 and his robot dog.

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