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Download Binary Revolution Radio - 151 - Your First Computer

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Stank does the worst intro to the show ever, New changes in the show email section moved, Decoder's first computer was an abacus, his first computer machine was a sage radar system, Decoder's words of wisdom everything old is new again, computer machines are a de-evolution, his first computer was a tandy 1000 from radio shack, AOL is, was, and forever will be, the Sux0r, Danthra's first computer down in Argentina was a TI 99/4a, Stank had the same computer however all he did was play games on it, Stank searched high and low to find someone older than him, Rax's first computer was a digi-comp 1, mindsontoys.com" to build your own digi-comp 1, his first useable computer was a commodore pet, Stank and Rax reminisce about Lunar Lander, Stank is out of the closet, check out the Victorian internet for a good read, Rax is a closet trekkie, Hackers and Painters and The Hacker Ethic are both good books, Stank remembers the commodore 64 being a big hit for the home user, Stank's first programming class was in the 9th grade on a TRS-80, check out the The packet sniffers , and hang out in channel #binrev on irc.binrev.net, Email on Myth TV check out this tutorial, and Rightcoast uses knopmyth, Stank doesn’t like Froogle, you can record to an ipod using ipod linux on the 4th generation ipods and before Xtrememac is releasing one soon for the 5th generation ipod. Site of the week Fbill radio.

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