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WiFi and Firewall Config

Posted by mirrorshades , 05 June 2008 · 1,062 views

Happy to report that the Linksys WMP11 card works perfectly with FreeBSD (and, thus, the pfSense firewall). I did some additional tinkering with the box, and now have the following interfaces:WAN: My DSL connection.LAN: The "normal" home network; this is the network that my RADIUS-enabled WiFi connects to.WiFi: My new access point with the WMP11 card. Currently have it set up as open access, firewalled so that it is Internet only (no connections permitted to other interfaces, and no access to the firewall GUI). pfSense has a "captive portal" option that allows you to force a username/password sign-on via the web before the Internet can be accessed... I may futz around with something like that. Or whatever.DMZ: Normal DMZ interface. Have a laptop running Slackware here that I'm going to make into a web server.XLAN: My own naming convention, for "eXclusive LAN"... or in other words, a LAN with no outbound connections to the Internet or to other interfaces. Toying with the idea of setting up a wargame server or a spare router here and just opening it up for connections from the Internet (for people to play with). For now, there's not even a cable plugged into it... this was more an issue of "Hey, I have a spare ISA slot and a spare ISA network card. Woo."Hm. That's what everybody's home network looks like... right?

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