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.sig userbar

Posted by mirrorshades , 02 May 2008 · 680 views

Normally, I think those userbars in signatures can be a bit obnoxious. I really don't care who is an American Idol Watcher, or who is a Pot Smoker, or whatever. However, I tinkered a bit, and came up with one that I think I can tolerate:

Posted Image

Basically a vanity job, also showing off my new domain: slicktech.net (the first one I've ever had all to myself).Woo.

Not bad photoshop work.
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May 04 2008 10:00 AM
Heh... you give me too much credit. I just used http://ubdesigner.com/ to design 5 different userbars, then http://ubanimator.com/ to blend them together. The only difference is the text, though, so it looks like the same bar with changing text (when in reality, there are 4 with text and one blank one).Thanks, though. I think it looks more or less non-annoying. :)
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