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Posted by mirrorshades , 17 April 2008 · 288 views

Just wanted to set up an area where I can put some info on various "projects" I'm either working on, or have ideas for. Here's the short list at the moment:- My home wireless LAN connection currently uses WPA-PSK. I want to set it up so that it uses RADIUS authentication. So far, I've got a more or less working install of FreeRADIUS (actually, two), and am working on tweaking OpenSSL for the certificate stuff (I want to use EAP-TLS, none of this username/password stuff). Links:
  • http://www.wi-fiplanet.com/tutorials/article.php/3557251
  • http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/8095
- A couple years ago, I wrote an article for 2600 called "Filesharing using TinyURL.com". In the article, I described a way to convert a file to a text string of bytes, then upload that string to tinyurl.com and get a short link to that string. As a part of this article, I wrote two programs -- "implant" and "extract" -- to automate the process. I began working on an enhanced version of these programs to use a pastebin-type site (pastebin.ca) to allow for bigger files, with options like multithreading and variable file chunk sizes. I kind of stopped working on it, but I've got some new ideas for stuff to implement, and I think it would be cool to keep my Ruby practice up, as well as potentially develop something useful for sneaking files around to different places.No promises to how often this page will get updated, but it's a bit easier than trying to save things in various text files and carrying them with me from computer to computer (I tend to use several different computers in the course of a day).

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