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OpenSSL on OpenBSD

Posted by mirrorshades , 17 April 2008 - - - - - - · 878 views
RADIUS Project
I'm using OpenBSD (v 4.2) to run a RADIUS server, which I intend to use for the WLAN. I've got FreeRADIUS (v 1.1.6) installed and it seems to be working properly, at least as far as simple username/password authentication. OpenBSD has proven to be a bit of a challenge for this purpose, in some interesting ways. The most recent challenge has been u...



Posted by mirrorshades , 17 April 2008 - * - - - - · 397 views
Just wanted to set up an area where I can put some info on various "projects" I'm either working on, or have ideas for. Here's the short list at the moment:- My home wireless LAN connection currently uses WPA-PSK. I want to set it up so that it uses RADIUS authentication. So far, I've got a more or less working install of FreeRADIUS (a...

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