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OS X User/Admin Bug

Posted by notKlaatu , 29 July 2008 · 115 views

I've submitted this to Apple through their "feedback" webpage, although I couldn't quite find a completely accurate category for it, and I certainly won't be hearing back from them about it, so I'm posting it here as well because it annoys me, and I'm tired of people telling me OS X is perfect.Bug: When an application is installed as Admin User, and launched for the first time as Normal User, the application continues to ask whether User is aware that it was downloaded from the Internet every time the User opens the app.To Replicate:1. Log in as Admin User (the true Admin; the first user you created when you opened the computer)2. Install an application; Firefox, Adium, Cyberduck, Inkscape, Gimp...whatever.3. Do not launch those apps.4. Log out Admin User, Log in as a normal Non-Admin user5. Launch one of the apps you've downloaded. It will warn you that it was downloaded from the Internet.6. Close application. Re-launch. Same warning dialogue box.7. You can repeat this for weeks on end; the dialog box will never remember that you are fine with the origin of the application.8. Log out Normal User, Log in Admin User.9. Launch an app, OK the warning dialog.10. Log out Admin, Log in Normal. Launch app. No more warning dialog.This is not a security "feature" but a bug. A feature would be to present the User with the warning, and then the opportunity to Authenticate as someone with Administrative Privileges and make the dialog box go away for ever. No, this is a problem with where the system is trying to save the preference file dictating whether or not that application has been launched before. They need to adjust that, or else provide a secure way for the User to OK the app. Remember the old Apple ad in which Apple makes fun of Windows for having constant warnings -- "Accept or Deny" -- all the time? Well, this feels a lot like that.I tried taking informative screenshots but only just now realised that there is no date in the Mac OS X time/date display. (OS X's only been out for five or eight years or whatever...and I still can't get used to the fact that they don't give you an option to put the date in the time/date bar.....!)Attached Image: adium1.png Three weeks agoAttached Image: adium2.png Two weeks agoAttached Image: adium3.png and it's still there this week...

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