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Broken X11 in Mac OS X

Posted by notKlaatu , 25 March 2008 · 107 views

On the X11-users Apple mailing list, it's a known issue that X11 in Leopard is broken. So this post is basically pointless....but:Actually, it's not X11 that is broken. I mean, who's problem is this, really? Is it X11's probem? I don't think so. Their software works fine. I know because I use it HARD when I'm at home on Linux. It works great. The variable here is QuartzWM / Mac OS X....QuartzWM is broken, Workspaces is broken.....and we're in 10.5.2 (that's two pretty hefty system updates now).Whilst using that scandalously free program, Inkscape (I know, I know, why aren't I using Illustrator?), Workspaces just keeps stealing not just window focus from other apps but it will even randomly grab me off of one workspace and dump me back into X11. So even while I write this post, I have to be careful about the movement my mouse makes, because one wrong move could shift me to my Inkscape workspace, whether I like it or not.Admittedly it's an improvement that X11 works with workspaces at all. If memory serves, it didn't work with workspaces at all in 10.5 ... but still, I'd like to be able to run this fancy Unix thing I keep hearing about without having to fight QuartzWM to do what I'd like it to do.I know, I know...bugs in softare, who'd have guessed? But the thing that gets on my nerves is that Apple charges for the software, charges for major upgrades, and claims that they are the most innovative, the best, the most user-friendly, etc. Give me Linux software any day; it may have its share of bugs, too, but at least I didn't pay for it and at least they actively solicit bug reports and feedback.Oops.. I guess this post is over. Leopard is changing my workspace again. Hopefully I can hit the publish button......

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